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How to Make Minecraft Cartography Table

Playing Minecraft may mean challenging yourself in creative mode to attempt the best building concepts, or trying to survive mobs–but knowing how to make a cartography table is one of the best ways to open up your gameplay to new possibilities, no matter your play style.

The importance of a cartography table, and using it to edit world maps is no more compelling than it was this past year. Unable to meet other Minecraft players in person, Minecraft players from around the world celebrated with the Minecraft Community Celebration.

The community celebration included free content involving not only character creation, but also maps. Together, the event helped Minecraft players connect and celebrate their love of the game–and expand the way they play at the same time.

It was all celebrated at a time of a robust and passionate online community: Minecraft was the

How to Make a Lantern in Minecraft: Your Best Next Move

Minecraft players spend hours not only scrambling for resources for also building impressive structures, buildings, and more. and knowing how to make, and use a lantern, in Minecraft, is essential. Both from a design and survival point of view, crafting a lantern in Minecraft may just be your best next move.

Making a lantern became essential in Minecraft back in 2019, with an update that also gave crossbows, in-depth underwater exploration, and even shields.

The sweeping update was one of the best in recent years for Minecraft, adding highly demanded new options to enhance gameplay. With these new features available across platforms, Minecraft players have been able to find new ways to explore, build, and survive.

But many Minecraft players haven’t fully taken advantage of the update, and knowing how to make a lantern is one of my top priorities for getting the most out

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