How to Make a Lantern in Minecraft: Your Best Next Move

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Minecraft players spend hours not only scrambling for resources for also building impressive structures, buildings, and more. and knowing how to make, and use a lantern, in Minecraft, is essential. Both from a design and survival point of view, crafting a lantern in Minecraft may just be your best next move.

Making a lantern became essential in Minecraft back in 2019, with an update that also gave crossbows, in-depth underwater exploration, and even shields.

The sweeping update was one of the best in recent years for Minecraft, adding highly demanded new options to enhance gameplay. With these new features available across platforms, Minecraft players have been able to find new ways to explore, build, and survive. You might want to learn how to make saddle to help you defeat notorius mobs

But many Minecraft players haven’t fully taken advantage of the update, and knowing how to make a lantern is one of my top priorities for getting the most out of it. Consider this your guide to finding, making, and using lanterns in Minecraft.

What is a lantern in Minecraft?

lantern in minecraft

A lantern in Minecraft is any block that gives off light. Though they’re decorative and aesthetic, they can be helpful for navigating your game and are popular as a way to enhance builds. Lanterns can be both crafted by players and found, and have become a staple of Minecraft villages.

Lanterns vs Torches

Torches have been a mainstay of Minecraft for quite some time. As lanterns were included, torches were altered so that there would be a distinction between lanterns vs torches. Now, torches can flicker out, as they can in real life, while lanterns will always be lit regardless.

With the update and introduction of lanterns, it was announced that all of the torches in players’ inventories were switched over to lanterns, as was the case with torches that you could previously find in chests. However, players are still waiting for some of these changes for torches.

But in summary, torches light up and fade in time, whereas lanterns in Minecraft will stay lit.

Regular Lamps vs Lanterns

As of now, lanterns and torches are the main sources of light in Minecraft. Lamps created a stir when a Twitter rumor spread regarding lamps. However, this appears to have been made as a joke.

Redstone Lamps vs Lanterns

What did make it into Minecraft where Redstone Lamps. Redstone Lamps are blocks of light that require charging. They emit light in a similar way as torches and must be maintained almost constantly using a Redstone current.

They can melt snow or ice, but not packed ice. In this way they are useful, but, compared with lanterns, they are difficult to use and require a constant fuel of resources, making them less practical for forms of light, especially in buildings and fortresses.

Another significant disadvantage of using Redstone Lamps is that they attract mobs. Except for under Creative Mode, Redstone Lamps attract enemies in regular areas (the exception are places that include half step platforms).

However, some players use this for a purpose: you can string together a system of Redstone Lamps to set a trap of sorts to kill mobs more efficiently.

Glow Stones vs Lanterns

Another concept for light mentioned at one point was glow stones, something only long time players of Minecraft are likely aware of. Glow Stones were hinted at as part of an update for Halloween.

The idea was that these stones would create brilliant light and could be crafted from any raw resources. They also were supposed to never die out. You might want to check out how to make stonecutter.

End Rods vs Lanterns

End rods are another source of light for Minecraft players. End rods are luminous blocks that are used less often because they can be crafted but only be accessed one way.

Minecraft players can find end rods after defeating Ender the Dragon and entering the End Gateway. This gives way to End Cities, where end rods are used to illuminate towers and steps.

As a light source, end rods are stable and also good for decor, but still slightly less useful than lanterns in Minecraft; end rods break easily when exposed to water. Players can make their own end rods by using a blaze rod and popped chorus fruit.

Biggest Advantages of Lanterns

The biggest advantage, in short, of using lanterns as compared with other light sources in Minecraft is that they are bright, consistent, and steady.

In fact, not only do they not have to be replenished, but they also are especially bright, reaching a light level of 15, which exceeds the number of other light sources.

How were lanterns introduced to Minecraft?

While Minecraft players can now enjoy lanterns, it took a long path for them to be implemented into gameplay. Hinted at many times, lanterns in Minecraft went through different phases for ideas as to how they would operate.

At first, producers considered focusing on lanterns being lit for cave exploration, or other dark areas of Minecraft worlds.

Players also heard rumors that lanterns may instead be used as hanging decor and heard over a long while that they were being developed, but it was continually unclear how and when.

Lanterns were in the fact table and said to never come back in 2011 since many players did not seem to take to the idea. However, with the 2019 Minecraft update, the long-awaited feature came, and now players can use lanterns in their everyday gameplay.

Making a Lantern

Making a lantern in Minecraft is simple, which is another reason why it’s one of my favorite light sources, and especially useful for decoration in buildings of all kinds.

You’ll need to craft a lantern as you would anything else that you make in Minecraft: gathering raw material and combining them into a patterned grid.

Finding Materials

To make a regular Lantern in Minecraft, you’ll need 8 Iron Nuggets and 1 Torch. Iron Nuggets can be acquired by melting iron of any kind (from weapons or other objects, like armor or even some fuel). If you want to barter for nuggets, a gold nugget will get you from 9 to 36 iron nuggets.

Torches, meanwhile, can be found most commonly in chests and mineshafts. They also automatically appear in Woodland mansions, strongholds, villages, and even igloos. Both iron nuggets and torches are fairly easy to find in most Minecraft worlds.

Crafting a Lantern

Once you’ve gathered your materials, combine them into a 3 by 3 grid. Head over to the craft main menu and select this size grid. Next, set the one torch down in the center of the grid.

To clarify, the first row must be 3 iron nuggets; the second row should include 1 iron nugget, a torch in the middle, and 1 more iron nugget; and the final row should consist of the remaining iron nuggets. Even with the correct materials, not following this pattern means that you won’t be able to craft a lantern. The exact pattern is essential.

Making Different Types of Lanterns

Of course, you don’t have to settle on just a standard Lantern. Minecraft players can enjoy different lantern types, especially if they’re bored of the simple version. Here are some other lantern types, and how to make them.

Jack O’ Lanterns

Made from carved pumpkin and a torch, Jack O’Lanterns are a spooky and festive option for a light source. These take a little more work to construct but are still relatively simple to make and can be a great way to add a more signature touch to your building. Note, however, that these won’t be as steady forms of light as the always lit lanterns.

Finding Materials

The first thing you’ll need is a pumpkin. Pumpkins can be found in a wide range of biomes and are one of the most common fruit blocks.

However, you’ll have the most luck in regular and snowy taiga villages. Occasionally, pumpkins will be in places within villages, such as tents, farms, and hay.

Many players have likewise found success finding them in Woodland mansion. If you’re still struggling to find a pumpkin or just don’t want to search for one, you can also offer an emerald to some traders for one whole pumpkin.

Of course, you’ll also need a torch; see above for how to find torches in Minecraft. But if you’re struggling to find one, you can also make your own torch by combining coal with a stick.

Crafting a Jack O’Lantern

To make a Jack O’Lantern, start by carving the pumpkin. Anything can be carved using a set of shears. If you’re lucky, you can sometimes come across already carved pumpkins in taiga biomes, especially in the villages, sometimes alongside whole pumpkins.

Next, simply combine the carved pumpkin with your torch. In addition to decorating and using them for light, Jack O’Lanterns can also be used in constructing an iron golem.

Sea Lanterns

Sea Lanterns are a more rare lantern type that can be found underwater surrounding Ocean Monuments. Like regular lanterns, they emit a brightness of 15 and will stay lit when used underwater.

However, despite the name, sea lanterns may also be used above water. Another advantage of using sea lanterns is that they can accompany players on longer expeditions.

Finding Materials

The materials required for sea lanterns include prismarine crystals and prismarine shards. You’ll need 4 shards and 5 crystals. Prismarine shards cannot be gathered as easily as some other materials.

You can find shares through conquering Elder Guardian and Guardian mobs ( near the Ocean Monuments). They are also occasionally found discarded by Glow Squids. The same is true for crystals, though you can sometimes also find crystals in undersea chests.

Crafting a Sea Lantern

Acquiring the raw materials is the hardest part of making a sea lantern in Minecraft. Head to the crafting menu and select a 3 by 3 grid. The first row: shard; crystal; shard. The second row: three crystals. The third row: shard, crystal, shard. Now you’ve made a sea lantern in Minecraft.

Soul Lanterns

Soul fire is one of the most interesting forms of fire in Minecraft and can be seen when Soul Soil blocks are taken away. Although it acts like fire in how it settles on netherrack blocks, it will never die off.

Soul Lanterns function the same as typical lanterns, but emit a lower light, with a light level of just 10. They also feature the iconic flicker and unique look of Soul Flames.

Finding Materials

To make a Soul Lantern, you’ll need a Soul Torch and 8 iron ingots.

Soul Torches are crafted by the player, while iron can be found in temples and dungeons, or strongholds and chests. But in order to make Soul Torches, you’ll need Soul Soil or Sand, charcoal or coal, and a stick.

You can find soil and sand within Nether fortresses, while charcoal and coal can be found by mining hills, caverns, and underground biomes. Iron ingot can also be made by smelting iron ore using a furnace.

Crafting a Soul Lanterns

In order to make a Soul Torch in Minecraft, players must combine Soul Soil or Sand with charcoal or coal and a stick. Arrange in a single column, with charcoal or coal at the top; a stick at the center, and soil or sand at the bottom.

After you’ve made your Soul Torch, craft a lantern by option for a 3 by 3 grid, with the Soul Torch in the center and 8 iron ingots surrounding it.

You can now use your Soul Lantern not only as a source of light, but also to scare off pigeons. Do note that, as opposed to many other forms of light, a Soul Lantern will not melt snow or ice. However, like traditional lanterns, Soul Lanterns will stay illuminated without doing anything on your end.


Question: Are lanterns better than torches in Minecraft?

Answer: Torches are more basic than lanterns, in that they can flicker out. In addition, lanterns in Minecraft have an impressive 15 levels of brightness.

Overall, lanterns are more useful especially if you’re looking for a light source that won’t go out and can double as decorative for Minecraft’s building/ creative mode. That said, lanterns do take a bit more work, as often players end up crafting lanterns. There are several types of lanterns, all with their unique advantages and disadvantages.

Question: What emits the most light in Minecraft?

Answer: In Minecraft, light is emitted from a scale of 0 to 15, with 15 being the most brilliant. The most brilliant forms of light include sunlight, beacons, end portal blocks, fire, lava, Redstone lamps, and lanterns. Lanterns, in turn, have the ability to stay lit, as opposed to torches.

Question: What does the soul lantern do?

Answer: A Soul Lantern in Minecraft acts like a traditional lantern in that it will always remain lit. However, it is slightly dimmer, reaching a level of 10 light vs the level 15 light you get with traditional lanterns. This type of lantern cannot melt ice or snow, but it can light your way and even summon up a Soul Wizard.

Soul Wizards are passive mobs that reside in dungeons. Though these wizards are temporary, they will stay loyal to the player and attack invading mobs for you. Of course, they too can be defeated and will disappear with a “shattering” noise when conquered.

Question: How do you make soul lanterns glow?

Answer: Soul lanterns will glow on their own once you’ve crafted them correctly. You can make them by combining a soul touch with soul sand or soil, along with charcoal and a stick.

Question: Can you carry a lantern in Minecraft?

Answer: Lanterns can be used in a number of ways, and can be placed both below and above blocks, as well as be hung from these blocks. They are handy in that they can be linked to chains, but they aren’t the best for carrying around. Often players will carry torches. In addition, how you add or use lanterns depends on the lantern type.

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Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to make a lantern in Minecraft, you have the information you need to use the best form of light to your advantage, both for decorative purposes and fending off mobs, or, in the case of Soul Lanterns, you can also use them to summon Soul Wizards.

No matter what kind of lantern you make, it’s a more steady bet than relying on torches.

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