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One of my favorite things about Minecraft is how many creative ideas you see. But creating a new Minecraft town from scratch can be intimidating, especially when you see how intricate the community’s ideas can be. 

Some of the most elaborate cities and towns in Minecraft are based on real-life places. Take April 2021, when Minecraft players were recreating all of New Jersey. You might read that and shrug, thinking of all the incredible buildings Minecrafters had constructed in the past. But this was an amazingly intricate, community-driven project.

Far from your average Minecraft town or village, this project included a team of over 1,100 players to replicate New Jersey, including small details like potholes. Led by James Brodowski, who was 20 at the time, the project is also impressive with its 1 to 1 scale. The game required modding to construct skyscrapers. 

You’ll see iconic sights such as the Pulaski Skyway as well as the State House in Trenton. But not satisfied with creating only the most noteworthy landmarks, players are using Google Maps, on-sight photography, and the Build the Earth Website to coordinate and make landmarks as realistic as possible.

The project has also been a chance to collaborate with the community and feel more connected amidst uncertainty and a global pandemic. It may very well be the most impressive city ever built in Minecraft.

But you don’t need a team of over 1,000 or tons of time to build a useful and aesthetically pleasing town in Minecraft. This will be a beginner’s guide to ideas for what to build in your Minecraft town so you can get started. 

What is a city in Minecraft?


I first want to discuss a few terms since they are used interchangeably and sometimes confused in Minecraft. To describe a habitable location, you’ll see words like city, town, village, metropolis, and even floating cities. I would argue that there isn’t a strict definition between them, but you can think of them as a tier of smallest to largest. A village is usually considered the smallest and a city with a metropolis to be the largest. For purposes of this article, I’ll use village and town as the same, but to be considered a village you do have some basic requirements. 

What counts as a village in Minecraft?

The definition of a village is pretty simple. For something to be considered a village, you need a single house and one villager. Few people would describe this as a full town, but it is a place on the map that you can visit and interact with. For a building to be considered a house, it must have at least one bed.

You can easily start your village in Minecraft by following these rules– though if you want that village to be maintained, having at least two villagers is ideal. The more villagers, the more likely your population will increase or at least stabilize. Just remember that for every villager, you’ll require a minimum of one bed. 

How do you build a metropolis in Minecraft?

A metropolis in Minecraft refers to a packed, urban area with a high population density. It’s quite an undertaking, and one I would take on only after you’ve completed a town. The main difference between a town and a city in Minecraft is that a city has far more resources and a much higher population. Unlike a town, cities in Minecraft often include skyscrapers. At the same time, many of the buildings you see in a city in Minecraft are the same you’d see in a town– such on a smaller scale. 

How do you make a floating city in Minecraft?

A floating city refers to a city that’s suspended in the air. This provides a unique touch to your Minecraft experience, and it can be a little tricky. You’ll start with a foundation of six blocks and across the foundation and the bottom, from which you’ll build grass or your terrain choice and go from there.

Once you get the hang of it, it’s very simple, as exemplified by SlowPlayz. Varying dirt and grass is a good idea, but you’ll eventually need to patch grass in for your finished look. I recommend this project for intermediate Minecraft builders– once you get started, it’s not so different from building a typical city, but it’s certainly more challenging than building your average Minecraft town. 

How to Build A Minecraft Town: The Basics 

Before I share some of my favorite ideas and tutorials for a Minecraft town, it’s important to layout expectations. Once you understand the basics of a Minecraft town, you can start constructing transportation, buildings, and more. `

What should I name my Minecraft town?

It’s up to you how you name your Minecraft town. You can either name your town first and build based upon the name, or name your town based upon what you’ve built– there’s no right way. Some name their towns after real places. Others name their towns based upon climate/ terrain, while others name their town based upon a landmark or special building.

Keep it simple: the most popular Minecraft town names I see are only a word or two, and I’ve seen some named after popular games, like Oblivion. Others think that fictional towns with a historical appeal are good options, such as Emerald Village. If you’re stuck, read these 500+ creative town/ village names

What do all Minecraft towns need?


All towns and villages absolutely must have one villager and one bed. But a regular town will also require basics that you might see in real life. Think about places to shop, emergency and medical services, and things to do. In addition to buildings, you’ll want basic roads and sidewalks, as well as some things to decorate the world, like fences, lakes, and benches. What you should build in a Minecraft town depends on your vision, but I recommend at least 1-2 basic services, something to do, and connecting roads. 

How do you make your town better in Minecraft?

If you’re playing in survival mode, walls will increase the safety of your Minecraft town, keeping enemies like zombies at bay. Mixing up terrain types can make a town more interesting, as well as being intentional about the architectural designs of your Minecraft buildings. Adding unique touches like a castle or even a modern beach resort can make for a thriving village– just don’t forget to construct enough beds to support villagers. 

Minecraft Town Roads, Fences, and Lakes

This may not be the most exciting part of building your Minecraft town, but it is an essential part. Roads and sidewalks make travel easier and provide a more cohesive look to your town. Walls and fences can also be useful if you’re playing in survival mode. Meanwhile, touches like traffic lights and cars add that touch of realism that makes your Minecraft town more immersive. 

How do you build a road in Minecraft?

Roads not only add a realistic touch but are also great for transportation, especially if you have a Minecraft saddle handy to ride a horse or other animal. Building a road is easy, and well worth your time, whether you’re playing creative or survival. To build a road, all you need to do is level the ground so it’s flat. Use a shovel to dig into the ground. Roads should be a minimum of 5 blocks wide.  

How do you make curved roads in Minecraft?

Making curved roads or paths in Minecraft is a tad trickier. As Race Crafter explains, you can get smooth and curved roads every time you build, no matter the width. His trick is to use a mathematical formula. If you don’t love math, don’t worry– he explains it quite well and showcases a fairly simple process in the video above. I’d still recommend this for intermediate, not beginner builders, and it does take a good deal of patience, as you’ll be working section by section. 

How do you make a sidewalk in Minecraft?

Cobblestone is my top choice to create sidewalks, as well as half-slab bricks. Gravel does work as well. Make sidewalks the same way you would roads, digging into the ground and making sure it’s level. If you want to spruce up your sidewalks, add shrubs or bushes, as well as lampposts on the sides. Those little details can brighten up your space– literally. Click Here For Basic Lamp/ Lantern Recipes. Adding adequate light to your towns is a must if you want a thriving Minecraft town– and even the best roads and sidewalks can’t make up for that. 

How do I craft a fence in Minecraft?

Recipe For Fence (Makes 3)

Wood Plank Stick Wood Plank
Wood Plank Stick Wood Plank 

Fences can be used to make delineations in towns and are most commonly used for animal pens. You’ll find fences generated with villages, mansions, and strongholds you come across. The recipe for crafting a fence is seen in the box above. Once you have your fence, erect it on level ground. 

How do you make a traffic light in Minecraft?

Traffic lights are not a must for a town, but I think they make a great addition. If you’re building a metropolis in Minecraft, I especially recommend adding a few traffic lights. As Biggs87 explains in a video tutorial, you can create traffic lights by collecting: an armor stand, pistons, anvils, chiseled stone brick, red stone blocks, custom camera head, black stain clay, iron trap doors, cobblestone walls, light gray banner, and dyes. It takes some effort to collect everything but building the traffic lights themselves isn’t too difficult. 

How do you make a car in Minecraft step by step?

Cars are, of course, great for transportation– but adding some cars in your town can make it more lively as well. To make a car, you’ll need Slime Blocks, Piston, Sticky Piston, and Redstone Block. All of these materials are unlimited in the creative mode, though otherwise, you’ll need to seek them out. The video above by Skippy 6 Gaming 

 For a simple car, follow these steps:’

  1. Make two rows of thee slime blocks
  2. Connect the rows with two slime blocks in the center
  3. Replicate the same formation with a second set
  4. Place completed rows on top of each other
  5. Take away the bottom slime block row
  6. Use a slime block in the middle of the car, then a piston on top. Remove the slime block, leaving the piston
  7. Swap your connecting middle (2) slime blocks for 2 sticky pistons
  8. Swap the stuck piston at the front of the car with a piston. 
  9. Set a Redstone block on the middle slime block, front and back, as well as on the sticky piston.
  10. Take the Redstone block off the sticky piston

How do you make a lake in Minecraft?

Not near a body of water? No problem. You can create man-made lakes in Minecraft to add a little character to your town or village– or even add one as part of a city park. Dig on flat ground 6 blocks deep in the center, with a slightly shallow effect near the edges of your lake. Add a layer of dirt where you want the level area to be. A diamond shovel is more efficient, though not necessary. 

How do you build a dock in Minecraft?

If you’re near a body of water, I highly recommend adding a dock. You can get pretty creative with docks, but the essential materials are stone slabs and logs. Lay down a stripped log of any kind and five slabs, adding posts and six slabs between every post. You continue this process until your dock is the size you need. I’ve seen modern docks and medieval docks, from elaborate to simple and understated. If you want a great fishing dock, I recommend watching the disruptive build tutorial above. 

Can you make a bench in Minecraft?

You can use any wood to make benches, but spruce wood is especially popular. To make benches, you can use wood planks or slabs and even birch wood stairs. The easiest way is to set three wood planks on the ground and set ladder rails on both dies.

How do you make a Minecraft fountain?

Fountains are excellent additions to parks and town or city plazas. Start by building your foundation– stone slabs are a great choice. Make a square base ( five by five is a good starting size). Next, dig inside your base. If you want, you can take off one block from each corner for a rounded appearance.

Place any case you’d like inside over the dirt. Stack slabs in the center of your fountain, as high as you’d like. Add water by clicking on the center slabs with a bucket of water. Of course, you can use any blocks you like and play with designs, but this formula provides an understated fountain you can place anywhere. 

How do you build a park in Minecraft?

Building a park is a matter of personal choice. A fountain, sidewalks or trails and a bench is great place to start. I’d add a man-made lake and plant some flowers and trees. To plant a tree, you’ll need to make sure you have soil and a proper light source for your sapling. I like parks with activities, as well.

A playground can make a park more inviting, but is time-consuming and does take expertise to make. Ector Vynk’s tutorial above will take you through the steps to creating a charming playground. If you’re just interested in creating a beautiful park in Minecraft, surrounding a lake with flowers and greenery is a great step. 

How do you make a windmill in Minecraft?

If you’re looking for rustic charm, and a great addition to a farm, a windmill is a great addition to your Minecraft town. To make a windmill, start by building a rounded base with concrete/ stone slabs. Continue to build up more and more rows on top of your base. Create a square roof with more stone, then you’ll need to build the walls and columns on your roof. It’s a long but rewarding process. Something I love about N11cK’s tutorial is that it’s easy to see the steps you need to take, while he doesn’t waste any time, either. 

How do you build a graveyard in Minecraft?

Minecraft Town Main Building Ideas

Now that you’ve established the basics of your town, it’s still time to construct buildings. Aside from a house with a bed, there are countless other buildings you should consider for your Minecraft town. Of course, keep in mind that you don’t need to build all of the options I’ll mention. These are simple ideas to make your town immersive. If this is your first time building a Minecraft town, I recommend focusing on building your homes, a shop, roads, and a few basics, like a police and fire station. Feel free to build as much or as little as you like.

You might want to create a grid map or use an online visualization tool to plan where you’ll build what. The creative mode makes building easier, of course, so you’ll have a lot more freedom to build all you want for your town. In survival mode, you’ll have to work for your resources and be strategic about what you build and in what order. I recommend patience in survival mode, building basics first, and gradually expanding your town. 

How do you build a shop in Minecraft?

The first building I recommend is a shop. You can start with a modest shop and eventually expand to include a shopping district. Now, the type of shop you build in Minecraft is up to your creativity and discretion. 

What You Need 

To create a shop, you’ll need a few essentials. For anything to be considered a shop in Minecraft, you need either a chest, shulker box, or trapped chest in your building. Inside that chest, place anything and everything you want to be sold. You’ll also need a shop sign to designate it as a store. And, of course, you’ll need any materials needed if you want to place your shop within a building (vs an open-air/ market shop). 

Placing Your Sign 

Aside from placing what you want to sell in the chest, you’ll likewise need to decide on the sign placement. Store signs may be placed on your chest, in front of it, or above it. However, for many stores, it makes sense to opt for a distance/ remote sign. 

Pay attention to the symbol on your shop sign as well. The old version may be used, but I recommend opting for the # sign. There is also a Choose sign option. 

To set up your sign, you need to know how to properly fill it. For the first line, your username with automatically generate if you leave it blank. For line two, list how many items you’re selling. For the third line, name the cost of the item. Line 4 should be a hashtag (or Choose). 

Making a Basic Modern Shop

If you follow these steps, you should be able to start selling. But Brian offers a great tutorial (see above) on how to set up a basic, modern shop. It’s pretty easy to do, and once you’re able to, you can branch out into unique designs, like a Japanese tea shop. 

How do you make a restaurant in Minecraft?

I’m always in awe of how creative the community is, and that’s definitively true when it comes to designs for Minecraft restaurants. You’ll find everything from unique, historically inspired restaurants to a recreation of chain restaurants like Chile’s or fast-food chains like McDonald’s.

But before you get into the rabbit hole of intricate builds, start with a basic structure. Lay down your foundation by digging a rectangular formation into flat terrain. A 10 by 15 base is a good starting point– large enough to fill with details, but not so large that you get overwhelmed. Add a wood frame, then tile inside. 

Pairing cobblestone with wood makes for a solid frame for the walls. You can opt for a flat roof and then simply fill in the details. For insight into a modern restaurant interior and exterior, follow Brandon Stilley Gaming’s tutorial, which is in two parts and covers pretty much everything. 

How do you build a bakery in Minecraft?

Want a complement to a restaurant– or even something a little different? One of my favorite ideas is building a bakery in your Minecraft town. Useful materials include concrete, quartz stairs, fences, carpet, a furnace, a pot, a brewing stand, cakes and cookies, and decor, just as painting and flowers. You’ll need all the basics you need for general shops/ restaurants. If you want a modern bakery that sells cakes and cookies, TSMC’s 30-minute tutorial will give you plenty of ideas for building a solid foundation, and you can add your decor to make yours unique. 

How do you make a butcher shop in Minecraft?

The make a butcher’s/ meat shop in Minecraft, you’ll need: colored concrete, quartz slabs, lanterns, stairs, tile/ carpet, glass panes, stonecutters, furnaces, daylight sensors, item frames, and, of course, plenty of meat to sell in a chest. If you’re looking for a striking modern butcher shop design with a seamless interior, look no further than TSMC’s butcher shop tutorial. In just under 35 minutes, you’ll learn how to create an attractive and functional butcher shop, step by step. 

How do you build a gas station in Minecraft?

Where there are roads, there should be gas stations. Many players skip this, and it’s not a must-have, but a fueling station is a practical idea for making your Minecraft town more believable. You’ll need concrete slabs, glass, light sources, and in some renditions, wood/ fences.

Start by building an overhang, then fill in your base with a layer of light concrete. You’ll need to create windows for the station’s kiosk, as well as at least three stations to make it realistic. I find a gas station deceptively simple: it takes longer, more work, and more materials than you probably imagine. Brandon Stilley Gaming takes you my start to finish with his 55-minute gas station tutorial.

How do you build a gym in Minecraft?

Boxing, weights, and more– gyms are another place for villagers to congregate. While it wouldn’t be the very first thing I’d build in a Minecraft town, a gym adds a little liveliness to the main district. Start with a small gym and work your way from there. While there are some excellent tutorials for more elaborate gyms, I recommend starting with the basic home gym tutorial by Biggs87x.

The reason is this 12-minute tutorial shows you how to make gym equipment, and you can apply those concepts to elaborate builds if you choose. He uses wither skeleton skulls to replicate weights, all placed on racks of concrete slabs. He also makes a punching bag using cobblestone and black and red concrete, among other features like a bench press. 

How do you make a police station in Minecraft?

A police station and/ or a fire station are top of my list for ideas to make your Minecraft town realistic. For a police station, you’ll need white and blue concrete, glass panes, and of course materials for a fence/ gate. Some builders go all out and add a helicopter to their police station.

While I love the effect, a simple structure will also get the job done. One feature that may be missed is a garage. Adding little details like that can improve the look of your Minecraft town. This tutorial by TSMC includes the basic foundation, but also a garage, helicopter, and interior, divided into two parts. 

How do you build a fire station in Minecraft?

Another classic idea? A fire station. If you can build a police station, a fire station isn’t any more difficult. The same materials that you use to build a police station for your Minecraft town can more or less be used to build a fire station, with some adjustments. For a special touch, you can even add a fire truck and a detailed interior. Some also add a helicopter, but I don’t think adding a helicopter to both your police and fire stations is necessary.

Brandon Stilley Gaming’s tutorial is split into two parts: the exterior and the interior. The build includes a modem design as well as two fire trucks. It’s by no means an easy build, but intermediate and experienced Minecraft builders should be able to follow the designs. 

How do you make a hospital in Minecraft?

Finish out your main district with a hospital. I like the layout of placing the fire station, police station, and hospital all beside each other, and adding landscaping in between to break it up. A hospital doesn’t need to be huge– you could even opt for a smaller medical center if building a hospital is too time-consuming or complicated for you.

Still, by opting for a simple design, a hospital can be pretty easy to build. Plan out a rectangular foundation with concrete slabs, and make sure you have plenty of window panes for every level. You can use red concrete to make red cross signs at the base and top of your building. A1MOSTADDICTED keeps the design simple. 

How do you build a church in Minecraft?

Heading out of the main district and closer to the residential portions of your town, consider a general gathering place. This could be a community center, a park, or, of course, a church. A church is immediately recognizable, very open to your interpretation, and easy to build. If you want to represent a Christian church, simply make a base for a one-story home with parking spaces instead of a garage and add across to the top of your structure. Customize the interior and exterior to create a Jewish Synagogue or create a mosque by erecting four pillars and a basic square base. 

How do you build a funeral home in Minecraft?

Morbid as it may sound to some, no doubt adding a funeral home makes your town stand out a little and adds a touch of realism many don’t even think about. For a funeral home, you’ll want to build a coffin, add dark red or black carpet, flowers, and just a few window panes. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could even make a hearse in Minecraft.

Now the funeral home itself I’d keep simple. The more simple your base, the more time and energy you can place into adding details that make your funeral home believable. Of course, funeral homes don’t have to be dark and dingy. I love the stained glass effect BMX puts into his interior. 

How do you build a barn and stable in Minecraft?

If you’re opting for a more rural town, a barn and horse stable is a great idea. While both projects together can take a while, they’re a great basis for building a farm. You can also add farms to a town with multiple districts, such as an urban and more rural district. I think this adds variety and realism to your town– and gives you so many options for buildings you can erect– such as a bed and breakfast in place of a hotel, for instance. You’ll need plenty of wood for your barn and horse stable, fences to make animal pens, hay, and, of course, animals like horses, cows, and pigs. Make sure you read the pinned comment that Avocado adds to their 10-minute tutorial. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can you fix a dead village in Minecraft?

Answer: A dead village in Minecraft is one that’s been overtaken by zombies.  A dead village is also called an abandoned village or a haunted village. You can resurrect these zombies villagers by using a Potion of Weakness and a Golden Apple. You have to throw the potion so that the zombie is affected, then provide them the apple.
These two together will cure the villagers. As you can imagine, it takes a long time to cure an entire village. To create the Potion of Weakness, add a fermented spider’s eye to a water bottle. A fermented spider eye is created by combining a brown mushroom with sugar and a spider eye. Golden Apples are crafted with a regular apple and 8 gold ingots. 

Question: How rare are abandoned villages in Minecraft?

Answer: That said, abandoned villages aren’t that common in Minecraft. There is just a 2 percent probability that an abandoned village will generate on its own in your game. To be considered fully abandoned (what that 2 percent is measuring), the village must be devoid of light and all villagers are zombies. 

Question: How do you make a noodle shop in Minecraft?

Answer: Noodle shops are becoming increasingly popular in the Minecraft community as well as Japanese tea shops. A Japanese ramen noodle shop is not only possible but has been replicated by some talented builders. Your foundation will consistent of oak leaves, spruce planks, spruce slabs, stripped oak logs, granite, bricks, and barrels. There’s an incredible tutorial by KennyZope (see above) that is not only intricate but takes you to step by step through the process.

Question: What is the largest Minecraft city?

Answer: Though it may be unseated, for now, the largest city made in Minecraft is the city of Greenfield. Construction on the city started back in 2011, and it still receives updates to this day. Like the newer New Jersey project, the city uses a 1 to 1 scale and features factories, skyscrapers, highways, railways, subways, a suburban district, boats, and much more. It’s honestly impressive enough you have to see it to believe it.

Final Thoughts

There’s no such thing as a perfect Minecraft town, but there’s a lot you can do to elevate your town from a simple village to a bustling town. Select a strategic place to situate a town– maybe near a body of water or forestation, then lay down the basics. After ensuring you have plenty of beds, roads, and lighting, make a plan for where you’ll be laying out your buildings. From there don’t be afraid to get creative. And, of course, be patient with yourself if your town doesn’t look exactly as you imagined right away. 

Final Recommendation: Beach Resort

Your average town doesn’t have a beach resort. But if you’ve built a town near water and you’re looking for a way to elevate it, a beach resort may be just the thing. Beach resorts are a big project: you’ll want lodging (beach huts), palm trees, a tiki bar, a pool bar, a pool, decor, and any other fun additions you can think of. I recommend a beach resort as a project for experienced builders and someone who’s looking for a challenge. If you have no idea how to get started building a beach resort in Minecraft, I recommend the Well Played Game’s Tutorial. Unlike many inspiration and tour videos, this channel starts small and simple and shows you the basics. Once you have the basics mastered, feel free to get as creative as you’d like with your beach resort buildings. 

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