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Sometimes I get caught up in bigger projects. If you’re like me, it’s easy to get excited about something grand, like elaborate Minecraft Tower ideas. But when I step back and think about those projects, I realize that the smaller steps matter– and focusing on adding details to my walls is what sets build apart.

That’s why I’m excited to share my favorite wall designs and ideas. Once you know how to make walls in Minecraft, one of my best building tips is to start with smaller projects. Even just playing with wall height, materials and adding decor can make a big difference. From impressive wall entrances to walls with a fish tank, these ideas are fun and impressive– but many are simple enough even for beginners.

Bottom Line Up Front Summary:  If I had to select just one set of wall designs for Minecraft, it has to be this collection of Simple Wall Designs, Now while the name sounds basic, there’s a lot that stands out about these wall designs. They’re practical and versatile. At the same time, they’re easy enough for even beginners to build. Plus, if you’re in Survival Mode and need to build walls quickly, you can do so– and go beyond the very basic recipe. These add a little flair, plenty of building and gameplay functionality, and all around are solid design ideas. 

My Top Design Ideas

  1. Aquarium Wall: Best Water-Themed Interior Wall 
  2. Modern Bedroom Wall: Best Bedroom Wall
  3. Japanese Wall/ Gate: Best 
  4. Wall of China: Best Large-Scale Wall
  5. Pistons Wall: Best Defensive Wall 
  6. Castle Wall: Best Wall for a Kingdom
  7. Tree Wall: Best Natural Wall 
  8. Lava Gate/ Wall: Best Trap Defense System
  9. Fountain Wall: Best Wall of Water 
  10. Simple Wall Designs: Best Walls for a Village or House\

How I Select Minecraft Wall Designs

So I want to start by explaining how I select wall designs for Minecraft. I want you to be able to build the very best wall designs. If you’re like most Minecraft players I know, you don’t want to waste your time on a lackluster design. It’s one thing to “waste” time by experimenting with your design, but it’s another to tackle something that isn’t going to either be useful in Survival Mode or interesting in Creative Mode.

Designs Based Upon Basic Block Building

A wall needs to be built on solid building principles in Minecraft. That may seem basic, but what I mean is that these are designs that take the basic recipes for walls and fences and start with a firm grasp for what is both possible and functional in Minecraft. These designs not only look good, but they showcase basic building principles.

Designs that Play with Height or Textures

For visual interest and more versatility, I want to see wall designs that show the different capabilities of building in Minecraft. That means walls of different heights, the use of different materials, and something that makes them stand out as both functional and pleasing for a certain aesthetic. These wall designs are fun to craft and take you just a bit beyond the basics for a home, village, or even kingdom.

Useful designs

Finally–and this ties into my other criteria– these creative designs are useful. They can help defend you, serve as a barrier, and keep things stored. While every design I selected has a different use, they aren’t just aesthetically pleasing. Most of them help you either distinguish a build or they may even protect you while you try to build up your resources.

Wall Designs You Need to Try: My Picks

So here are my favorite wall designs. From hacks to create a wall aquarium or even landline phone to a dramatic castle wall, it’s time to start building your interior and exterior walls, with simple hacks and designs for everyone from new to advanced builders.

Aquarium Wall

Maybe I’m just weird, but ever since I visited the Newport Aquarium when I was little, I have always thought about how awesome it would be to have a large wall devoted to an aquarium. Since that’s out of my budget, and maybe yours too, why not build one in Minecraft? This wall design is great for an interior of a home or even a museum. And, of course, it’s also easy to customize.

This aquarium is sleek, modern and can be placed right beside a wall or even attached to it. To make the aquarium part of the wall, all you need to do is make a cut-out and place the aquarium inside of it, with a nice curved frame. You could also make a half wall in the center of a room, situating the aquarium snuggly inside. To build the aquarium, you’ll need a concrete barrier, dirt, coral, other sea flora, and some fish. It’s a pretty simple design that you can expand or keep modest. Watch the Tutorial Here.

Main Materials

  • White Concrete
  • Black Concrete
  • Stained Glass
  • Water
  • Fish and Sea Plants

Building Time

  • 10 Minutes to 30 Minutes
  • 8 Minute tutorial

Modern Bedroom Wall

A modern home in Minecraft is probably one of the most popular builds, and why not? It’s easy to design and build, it’s useful and it can be customized in countless ways. To pull off a great bedroom, I like making use of the space I have. That may come from living in apartments and door rooms, but I think it extends past just my personal preference. And those space-saving hacks translate well for bedroom walls in Minecraft.

Keeping the design simple, the walls can easily become more interesting and store unique things in Minecraft. I like building simplistic shelves to hold nooks and crannies. You could even build a working TV directly into a wall. The ideas here include hacks for walls and the layout of a simple but visually appealing modern bedroom. Little nooks with plants also liven up the space and make use out of all cut-outs. I love taking some of these ideas and making them my own. After all, isn’t that the biggest appeal of the creative side of building in Minecraft? Watch the Tutorial Here.

Main Materials

  • Stone Bricks
  • Concrete
  • Spruce Logs and Stairs
  • Plants

Building Time

  • 15 minutes to 25 minutes
  • 5 Minute tutorial

Japanese Wall/ Gate

Ever since one of my best friends went to Japan for her honeymoon a few years ago, I’ve been fascinated by Japanese culture. Of course, with complications posed by the pandemic– not to mention being on a budget– visiting Japan just isn’t possible for me, or a lot of us right now. Minecraft allows you to envision cultures around the world and visit some sights virtually. I think that’s yet another reason why the Minecraft community is so passionate. And while there are countless ways to feature Japanese culture and aesthetics, a basic wall/ gate is a great welcome to a Japanese-themed village.

This wall/gate is shown alone, but trust me that it looks best when the wall is expanded, preferably as an entrance to a Japanese village. It’s a little more advanced than your average wall or gate, but it’s not too difficult. Stone pillars with cutouts and red brick form the base. The roof with its angular accents is the most challenging, but the step-by-step tutorial is very helpful for getting it right. If you feel comfortable, you can expand the design and even add a bit of landscaping near it. A Japanese cherry blossom tree would look great beside the gate. Of course, this wall could be for defense or aesthetic purposes, depending on how you tweak the design. Watch the Tutorial Here.

Main Materials

  • Stone Bricks
  • Red Brick
  • Green Slabs
  • Lanterns

Building Time

  • 15 minutes to 30 minutes
  • 5 Minute Tutorial

Wall of China

Both my aunt and my father have visited China for business trips, but I have yet to see the Great Wall of China in person. Even thinking about the scope of the World Wonder– over 13,000 miles in length– is incredible. So I admit, I was intimidated by the scope to even consider building it in Minecraft. But then I thought about it again. You really can scale things as you want in Minecraft. By getting the core features and details down, you can build a pared-down version of the Wall of China and still make it recognizable.

Here, the key is landscaping and selecting a great place to build the Wall of China. It’s easiest on top of a steep hillside, surrounded by trees. Building on a slant can be tricky, but by taking it slowly you can achieve this build without too much trouble. The good news is that the materials for this wall build are pretty simple, and once you get started, you decide what scale is right for you. Watch the Tutorial Here.

Main Materials

  • Stone
  • Cobblestone
  • Dirt
  • Landscaping

Building Time

  • Varies on Length
  • 6 Minute Tutorial

Wall of Pistons

Maybe you just want a defensive wall for Survival Mode, and I respect that. As much as I love impressive wall builds that showcase different parts of the world, I like things with immediate practical uses as well. That’s where this handy wall of pistons comes in.

The large scale and height of this wall may seem intimidating, but trust me when I say that it gets easier once you start and get into a pattern. This wall of pistons goes further than the 16 by 16 block grid, and that’s why I selected this design in particular. You can control it with a single switch, allowing all pistons to fire. While the graphic load may be slow, I think that’s honestly pretty amazing. Most builders struggle with running out of Redstone power, but this design takes care of all of those issues and more. Watch the Tutorial Here.

Main Materials

  • Pistons
  • Red Stone
  • Red Stone Torches
  • Concrete Slabs

Building Time

  • 15 Minutes to 30 Minutes
  • 10 Minute Tutorial

Classic Castle Wall

I’ve played Age of Empires, Heroes of Might and Magic, and the Quest For Glory series. Add to that that I’ve always been fond of history and love classic fantasy series, and it’s probably no surprise that I’d include a classic castle wall in the list of my favorite Minecraft build ideas. But a classic castle wall is the best wall for establishing a kingdom, and it doesn’t need to be too complicated to be very interesting.

This design in particular hits all the right marks. It doesn’t take that long to construct, can be customized, and could easily be modified to be equipped with defense mechanisms. While you can construct a castle wall anywhere, it’s especially powerful when built beside a river, complete with a moat and drawbridge. You can also add watch towers with turrets. Stone and tired wooden roofs provide a great classic look– just make sure to leave room for windows. Watch the Tutorial Here.

Main Materials

  • Stone
  • Wood Planks
  • Torches
  • Cobblestone

Building Time

  • 30 Minutes to 1 Hour
  • 18 Minute Tutorial
    • Honorable Mention: Stone Wall for a Medieval Twist

Wall of Trees

Not all walls are made out of brick or stone. I like adding some natural walls for lush biomes– and as a way to break up the map when you’re not near a village. A wall of trees is incredibly simple, so if you’re in a pinch and just want to change up your landscape or make exploring a bit different, this could be a little hack for you.

Keep it simple and gather a variety of saplings or any type of saplings you’d like. The bone meal helps them grow quickly. By placing many saplings in a row of the same kind, you can erect a continuous wall, then prune it back. You can even add additions like a small wooden fence and gate. The one sapling you can’t use is spruce, as its leaves impede your construction. Watch the Tutorial Here.

Main Materials

  • Saplings of Choice
  • Wood Fences

Building Time

  • 5 Minutes to 10 Minutes
  • 3 Minute Tutorial

Wall of Lava

If you’re ready to go past sticky pistons for defense, a gated wall of lava may just be the building hack you need. This type of strategic move reminds me of many strategy games I’ve played in the past. While so many think about how to do things quickly in Minecraft, my gaming background makes me look at things a bit differently: how can I plan and build ahead for things that will serve me in the long run?

The key is to dig a three-hole deep pit into the ground between two arches. From there, you’ll use sticky pistons to place a grass floor. You’ll need either dispensers or sticky pistons all the way across and fill them with buckets of lava. The design also requires red stone, repeaters, and optional choices, like a staircase. It’s not a hard design, but I’d follow the step-by-step building guide to make sure the trap is set up properly. You’ll know you did it correctly if you’re easily able to activate the switch. Watch the Tutorial Here.

Main Materials

  • Red Stone
  • Lava
  • Sticky Pistons
  • Grass Floor

Building Time

  • 10 Minutes to 15 Minutes
  • 7 Minute Tutorial

Fountain Wall

When I visited the Opryland Hotel in Tennessee, my family and I didn’t spend money to stay the night– but I do remember it with vivid detail. The snaking water with boat rides, lush plants, and little bistros made it feel like it was a world of its own. Now I’m not saying this simple fountain wall is going to instantly recreate something elaborate as that. What I am saying is that a fountain wall can elevate a courtyard in a garden, an interior room, or even make a great addition to a town park.

This staple design is one of my favorite ways to amp up a simple wall. Better yet, you can decorate, customize, and scale it however best suits your needs. Start with a 13 by 11 by 6 blueprint with moss-covered stone. The key is to add a base container for your fountain, then decorate it with a ‘shelf’ of flower beds. You can use any flowers or landscaping you want nearby. Watch the Tutorial Here.

Main Materials

  • Moss-Covered Stone
  • Wood Planks
  • Water
  • White Concrete
  • Flowers

Building Time

  • 15 Minutes to 20 Minutes
  • 9 Minute Tutorial

Simple & Practical Wall Designs

I know what you’re thinking. What’s so special about a few simple wall designs? This collection of ideas is my go-to if I just want practical walls for a Minecraft village or house that don’t take a lot of time or skill. These come in handy, especially during Survival Mode, when you don’t have the time or luxury to commit to a long-term project. But there’s something more to this small collection of wall designs than simple white walls.

What can you build in just 5 minutes? How about a small defensive wall, a hedge wall, a cactus wall, a cheap wood wall, or a simple stone brick wall? Every wall includes a step-by-step tutorial, modest materials list, and is so easy even a noob can build them. But I also think that these can spark bigger ideas. Start with the basics, and get creative. You could build a small village in Minecraft with these wall designs alone- complete with hacks for adding doors and creating entrances. Watch the Tutorials Here.

Main Materials

  • Varies by Project
    • Wood, Cactus, Sand, Dirt, Concrete, Stone, etc

Building Time

  • 5 Minutes Each
  • 6 Minute Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do you build walls fast in Minecraft?

Answer: I don’t usually try to build fast, but, in Survival Mode, it really can be important. So if you’re looking to speed up your wall-building time, there are a few simple hacks you can try. First, keep the walls simple. Planning out where you need walls and where they will ultimately connect may save you time. But the main way to save time is by using the Fill Command. Watch this Fill Command Tutorial–it’s a huge time saver.

Question: How do you make a curved wall in Minecraft?

Answer: If you find yourself wanting to tackle a more challenging build–or like me, get tired of boxy builds– building a curved wall can make a huge difference. All you need to do is think about the wall as you would a grid. Since you’re working with blocks, your wall will curve if you add a very gradual diagonal. I like using a pixel curve chart like the one linked. If you don’t want to grid it out, there’s a very helpful mod called the ArchitectureCraft Mod. This mod is incredible and makes several more challenging designs that much easier.

Question: How do you add depth to a flat wall in Minecraft?

Answer: I’m guilty of it– I think most Minecraft players are at some time or another. Crafting a wall is one thing, but making it look realistic or interesting is another. While flat walls are of course functional, they aren’t all that interesting. Detailing some of your walls makes a big difference– and it’s not at all hard to do. My top building hacks? Add trim to wood walls, use cobblestone instead of concrete or solid blocks, and play with features like shutters and trapdoors. Bumping out the wall and adding grooves or nooks can also make them more interesting.

Final Thoughts

One thing that I love about the Minecraft community is how ambitious and creative so many of us are. With that creativity, you really can see and create entire worlds–whether historical, based in fantasy or real-life cities. But I think I, and so many of us, can get so caught up in the larger projects or results that it’s easy to dismiss the importance of building a strong foundation. Experimenting with wall design and wall decor really can elevate your Minecraft building. Just a few tweaks here and there could challenge you to build your best yet.

Final Recommendations: Wall Decorations

If your walls are still looking bland, I think it’s time to play with some decorations. What looks good on a Minecraft wall, of course, depends on the wall style. But there are countless ways to spruce up Minecraft wall designs. Stickers and banners or even flags add a little interest. For lights, branch out and make lanterns, lamps, or even torches for an ancient look. Interior walls can be dressed up with stencils, shelves for clutter, clocks, and a calendar. Heck, you can get quirky about it and add a landline telephone for your wall.

Even just painting walls a different color and playing with different patterns can be a way to personalize a Minecraft bedroom. And if you’re stuck and not sure where to start, maybe you should check out a compilation of the Best Minecraft Designs and Ideas.

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