How to Make Stripped Oak Log in Minecraft

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Minecraft has an abundance of blocks that you can use to fuel your creative endeavors. After all, aside from it being a game about surviving through mining and crafting, it is also a game about being creative. There is even a game mode for it called Creative mode, wherein you have access to all available blocks in the game with just one simple click of a button without needing to mine or craft the item.

A beautiful addition to your build could be stripped logs and stripped oak logs are a fantastic choice to pick as they are versatile in terms of design and block compatibility. Plus, they are really easy to obtain since oak trees are very common (unless you have spawned in the middle of a huge desert or an island without trees far away from any other landmass with no means of escape).

Stripped oak logs are still fairly new (released in Java Edition 1.13 on July 18, 2018), and many people, even veteran players, might not know how to get them. So, here is a guide explaining how you can obtain these blocks, as well as what you can do with them.

How to make stripped oak logs in Minecraft

Version needed to obtain stripped oak logs:

  • Version 1.13 or above

Requirements to make stripped oak logs:

  • Oak logs
  • At least a wooden axe

If you plan on getting stripped oak logs, plan on how many of these you want or need since that is the number of oak logs you need to get. You can follow this step-by-step process to gather the materials you need to make stripped oak logs in Minecraft. Here are a few tips on where you can start in this guide, depending on what you currently have.

  • If you are entirely new to the game or if you do not have any tools at all, you can start from step 1.
  • If you already have a crafting table, start from step 2.
  • If you already have an axe, start from step 3.
  • If you already have the required materials and you just want to know how to make stripped oak logs, go to step 4.

Step 1: Make a crafting table

crafting table

Firstly, you need to make a crafting table. You do not need a crafting table to directly make stripped oak logs, but you need it to craft an axe, which you will need to make your stripped oak logs. To craft a crafting table, you would need:

  • Four wooden planks of any variety (birch, spruce, oak, etc.)

To obtain these materials and make your crafting table, follow these steps:

  1. Find a tree of any variety.
  2. Break the wooden logs from the tree with your fists. Since you need to make a crafting table and a wooden axe (which will be discussed in later sections), you would need at least three wooden logs. These three wooden logs are separate from the number of oak logs you need to turn them into stripped oak logs.
  3. Open your inventory. Once you do, you will see a 2×2 grid; that is your crafting grid. Besides, the grid is a single tile; that is the output of the crafting grid.
  4. Put the wooden log in the grid.
  5. Get the four wooden planks from the output tile by dragging the stack to your inventory.
  6. Using the four wooden planks from the previous step, fill the 2×2 crafting grid with said planks.
  7. Get the crafting table from the output tile by dragging it to your inventory.

And with that, you have your first crafting table with you. You must place it on the ground first to use it, then open it (opening it varies from each device, console, or PC you are playing on; on PC, you only need to right-click on the crafting table).

Step 2: Make a wooden axe

To make stripped oak logs, you need at least a wooden axe. Any axe would do, whether it be made from stone or diamond. Since this guide is a step-by-step process from scratch, a wooden axe will suffice. To make a wooden axe, you need the following materials:

  • Three wooden planks
  • Two sticks

Making a wooden axe is very simple; all you have to do is follow the step-by-step process below. Note that the following guide is under the assumption that you have gathered at least three wooden logs during the previous section. Since you have used one to make a crafting table, you would still have two. If you did not go through the previous step, make sure to gather at least two wooden logs of any variety.

  1. Open up your crafting table.
  2. Stack the two wooden logs together if they are not stacked. You can do this by dragging one of them to the other.
  3. Place the stack in the 3×3 crafting table grid.
  4. Drag the stack of eight wooden planks from the crafting table’s output tile and into your inventory.
  5. Take two wooden planks from the stack and place them vertically anywhere in the 3×3 crafting table grid.
  6. Drag the stack of four sticks from the crafting table’s output tile and into your inventory. Only two sticks will be used for this part, so you can use the other two in any way you like.
  7. Take two wooden planks from the stack and place them on the top-center and top-right tiles in the 3×3 crafting table grid.
  8. Take one wooden plank from the stack and place them on the center-right tile in the 3×3 crafting table grid.
  9. Take the stack of two sticks, then place one stick on the centermost tile and the other stick below it.
  10. Drag the wooden axe from the crafting table’s output tile and into your inventory.

And so, you finally have your wooden axe.

Step 3: Make a stone pickaxe

stone pickaxe

Once again, you only need to make a wooden pickaxe so that you can make a stone pickaxe. Stone pickaxes need cobblestone, and you cannot get them with your bare hands. To craft a stone pickaxe, the following materials are required:

  • Three cobblestone blocks
  • Two sticks

To do this, you must follow these steps. The following steps are under the assumption that you have kept two sticks from the previous section.

  1. Find some stone blocks. You would need at least 11 of them; 3 for the stone pickaxe and 8 for the furnace in later sections. Stone blocks can be found underground, in the mountains, or sometimes just in the open field.
  2. Break or mine them using your wooden pickaxe. You will get cobblestone from each stone block.
  3. Go to your crafting table and open it.
  4. Place three cobblestone blocks on the first row.
  5. Then, place one stick on the centermost tile and the other stick below it.
  6. Get the stone pickaxe via crafting and put it in your inventory.

You have a stone pickaxe now to mine some iron ores.

Step 4: Turn oak logs into stripped oak logs

Stripped oak logs are simply made from oak logs themselves, so if you have a specific amount of stripped oak logs in mind, then you should find the same amount of oak logs. To turn an oak log into a stripped oak log, you need to follow these steps:

  1. If your axe is in your inventory, put it in your toolbar. You can place it anywhere you want.
  2. Hold your axe by highlighting it in your toolbar.
  3. Face the oak log you wish to turn into a stripped oak log.
  4. Use the axe on the oak log (for PC, you simply right-click on it).

And now, your oak log has transformed into a stripped oak log! Note that this cannot be reversed, meaning a stripped oak log cannot be turned back into an ordinary oak log. Oak logs are obtained from oak trees, and they are very common. Oak trees can be found in the following biomes:

  • Bamboo Jungle (fancy oak)
  • Dark Forest
  • Forest
  • Jungle (fancy oak)
  • Plains
  • River
  • Savanna
  • Swamp (swamp oak)
  • Wooded Badlands Plateau
  • Wooded Mountains

Note that fancy oak trees are trees that are uncommon in terms of looks. Some have large amounts of logs, while some have unique trunk structures.

Step 5: Gather the stripped oak logs

stripped oak logs

Now that you have turned the oak logs into stripped oak logs, you can gather them to use for the intended purpose you have in mind. You can use the wooden axe that you made to chop down the logs, and if it inevitably breaks, you can make a new one by following the previous steps. Stripped oak logs function similarly to regular oak logs, wherein you can use them to make wooden planks.

Breaking a stripped oak plank takes a short amount of time, and it depends on what material the axe you are using is made of. Below is a table indicating the amount of time it would take per material the axe is made of. Note that the axe is assumed to have no enhancements at all.

  • No axe 3 seconds
  • Wooden 1.5 seconds
  • Stone 0.75 seconds
  • Iron 0.5 seconds
  • Diamond 0.4 seconds
  • Netherite 0.35 seconds
  • Golden 0.25 seconds

How to get stripped oak logs through other ways in Minecraft

Obtaining oak logs through bonus chests

bonus chest

During the creation of your world, you can choose to have a bonus chest at the very start of your game to help you out. Bonus chests are chests that appear near where the players spawn in, and they only appear if the “Bonus Chest” option is turned on. This is very helpful for new players as they can gather basic materials that they need to start Minecraft with an extra boost. Below are the chances that the bonus chest will contain oak logs.

  • Quantity Chance
  • Java Edition
  • 1-3 28%
  • Bedrock Edition
  • 1-3 25%

When you have your oak logs, you can use them (along with an axe) to turn them into stripped oak logs. This can be helpful when you are in a biome where oak trees are rare, and you need a stripped oak log. You can make your axe and crafting table through different trees. Then you can use the oak logs you got from the bonus chest to turn them into stripped oak logs.

Obtaining oak logs through shipwrecks (Java Edition)

Shipwrecks are natural structures that resemble sailing ships which can be found in most of the Overworld’s aquatic landscapes. They can be found in the depths of the ocean or just washed ashore on the beaches. In Java Edition, oak, spruce, and dark oak logs can generate as masts for these structures. You can gather these oak logs and turn them into stripped oak logs when you have an axe available.

Obtaining stripped oak logs through plains villages

Plains Village

Plains villages are villages that can be found in the plains biome. In these villages, some of the houses may sometimes be made from stripped oak logs. If you are tight on oak trees, you can gather the stripped oak logs from these houses and replace them with other blocks such as dirt or cobblestone.

Obtaining stripped oak logs through shipwrecks (Bedrock Edition)

Bedrock Edition also has shipwrecks; the difference between it and Java Edition is that the mast may be made from stripped logs directly, which means that from the very start, you can have stripped oak logs if you can find a shipwreck that has a mast made from it. You do not need an axe, unlike in Java Edition (except, of course, for breaking down the mast).

What are stripped oak logs used for in Minecraft?

Oak Logs

Stripped oak logs are mainly used for decorative purposes since they have a much cleaner look and feel compared to regular oak logs. If you plan on using these blocks as decorations or building blocks for your creation, note that stripped oak logs are similar to regular ones in the sense that they have a direction to face. However, do not worry if you have misplaced your stripped oak log in the wrong direction, as you can still break it and put it in the right spot.

Stripped oak logs are similar in function to regular oak logs; they can be used to craft four oak planks. When they are smelt using a furnace, they turn into charcoal, a fuel source that can be made into torches. Below is a list of items that can be crafted using stripped oak logs, along with the steps on how to do it.

  • Campfire
    1. Requirements: three stripped oak logs, three sticks, and one coal/charcoal. Note that the stripped oak logs can be replaced with any other stripped logs or regular logs.
    2. Place all three stripped oak logs on the bottom row.
    3. Place the coal/charcoal on the centermost tile.
    4. Fill two sticks in the remaining empty tiles in the center row.
    5. Place the last stick above the coal/charcoal.
  • Soul Campfire
    1. Requirements: three stripped oak logs, three sticks, and one coal/charcoal. Note that the stripped oak logs can be replaced with any other stripped logs or regular logs.
    2. Follow the pattern in making a campfire (see the instructions above).
    3. Replace the coal/charcoal with a soul sand block or a soul soil block.
  • Smoker
    1. Requirements: one surface and four stripped oak logs. Note that the stripped oak logs can be replaced with any other stripped logs or regular logs.
    2. Place the furnace in the centermost tile.
    3. Place the stripped oak logs on the left, right, above, and below the furnace.
  • Stripped Oak Wood
    1. Requirements: four stripped oak logs.
    2. Place the four stripped oak logs in a 2×2 formation in the crafting grid.


Question: Where can one find a stripped oak log in Minecraft?

Answer: Stripped oak logs can naturally generate in plain villages. They can also naturally generate as masts in shipwrecks, although this is only true for Bedrock Edition. In Java Edition, the masts of shipwrecks are made from regular logs.

Question: What is the stripped oak log’s ID?

Answer: Blocks and items in Minecraft have a numeric ID attached to them in Bedrock Edition. This can be used in commands, but mainly it exists as a developer’s tool. For stripped oak log, it has a numeric ID of 265. In Java Edition, the blocks have a resource location instead, with stripped oak logs having a resource location of “stripped_oak_log.”

Question: Which version did stripped oak logs come from?

Answer: Stripped oak logs first appeared in 1.13, along with other stripped logs of different varieties. From then on, the stripped oak log varies in appearance from time to time due to modifications in updates.

Question: What tool does one use to make a stripped oak log?

Answer: You would need an axe that can be made from any material. The axe can be made from wood, iron, or even diamonds. To make them, simply use the axe on a regular oak log.

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