How to Make Brown Dye in Minecraft

Have you ever wanted to add a little “personal flair” to your belongings in Minecraft? Well, with Dyes that desire enters the realm of possibility! You can now make your living space in Minecraft look absolutely unique and to your liking. Things like Beds, Carpeting,Glass, and more can be customized from the 16 different colored Dyes that are available. However, what if you wanted to know, how to make brown Dye in Minecraft? That’s what we will be covering in this article, and as you read on, you’ll not only discover how but all of the options available to you in deciding what to Dye.

How to Make Brown Dye:

Brown Dye is very simple to make, as it only requires one ingredient and to be made through the use of the Crafting Table. After acquiring the content needed to make the Brown Dye, there are so many possibilities of what you may decide to Dye with it. We’ll discuss more on that as you read on.

What You Will Need:

  • x1 Crafting Table
  • x1 Cocoa Beans

First, you will need to open up your Crafting Table, it should look like this:

Next, you will want to place your Cocoa Beans in the very middle of the Crafting Table:

If done correctly, you will see your Brown Dye in the right slot of the Crafting Window.

Finally, drag and drop it into your inventory!

Congratulations! You have made Brown Dye!

How to Get Required Materials:

Crafting Table: The Crafting Table is one of the most essential things you will need in Minecraft. It’s very likely that you have made one already. In the case where you haven’t, perhaps you’re new to Minecraft and have just started a new world, here’s how you make one:

First, you will need to gather x1 Wood. You may gather Oak, Dark Oak, Birch, Spruce, Acacia, or Jungle Wood. It really doesn’t matter.

Once you have the Wood of your choice, you’ll need to open your inventory. It should look like this:

At the top of the inventory screen, you will see a 2×2 crafting section.

Simply, place your Wood there. You only need to take up one slot of the 2×2 crafting section. If done correctly, you will see Wood Planks of the type of wood used.

Drag and drop them into your inventory. There you go! You have successfully crafted your own Wood Planks!

Alternatively, you may choose to gather the x4 planks instead of crafting your own. This may/may not take longer than the normal method, however. If you are starting a new world, it’s recommended you gather the wood by destroying some trees. That will likely save you more time.

Oak Wood Planks: Found in Mineshafts, as beams that are supported by Oak Fences. Oak Wood Planks may also be found in Plains Villages, used generously throughout the structures, such as the walls, roofs, and floors, including paths over water. Strongholds, use these planks as well, found in the library and storage rooms as pillars and flooring. Shipwrecks are commonplace for Oak Wood Planks, as much of the ship can be made of these planks. Finally, you may find Oak Wood Planks in the Woodland Mansion, found in the Dark Forest and Dark Forest Hills biomes. Oak Wood Planks are used in some rooms of the Mansion.

Dark Oak Wood Planks: These are found specifically within Mineshafts that are homed in the Badlands biomes. Dark Oak Wood Planks may also be found within the Woodland Mansions as much of it is made of Dark Oak Wood Planks. Shipwrecks may also contain a lot of these planks, as a Shipwreck can contain any two kinds of Wood. Underwater Ruins hold a little Dark Oak Wood Planks in some areas. Finally, Pillager Outposts contain a large amount within the watchtowers and cages.

Birch Wood Planks: You’ll find these planks inside of Woodland Mansions, as much of the flooring is composed of Birch Wood Planks. Shipwrecks may also contain these planks, not in Java Edition, however. Lastly, Pillager Outposts, primarily, the floors within the watchtowers use Birch Wood Planks.

Spruce Wood Planks: Used as the prime material for Swamp Huts. In Bedrock Edition, you can find Spruce Wood Planks in Taiga Villages and Snowy Villages, as well as Snowy Tundra Villages. These are used in a lot of buildings located there. Shipwrecks may also hold these planks, as Shipwrecks may be made of any two types of Wood. Finally, Underwater Ruins have a chance of holding Spruce Wood Planks in odd locations.

Acacia Wood Planks: These can be found in Savanna Villages, as well as in Shipwrecks, in Bedrock Edition only.

Jungle Wood Planks: These may be found in Shipwrecks as one of the two types of Wood used.

Now that you have your x4 Wood Planks, you can begin crafting your Crafting Table!

As before, from your inventory screen you’ll see a 2×2 crafting grid at the top that looks like this:

You will want to take any of the planks you crafted, from Oak, Dark Oak, Birch, Spruce, Acacia, or Jungle Wood, and place x1 in each slot of the 2×2 crafting grid.

As a result, from placing the required planks in the 2×2 crafting window, you will see a Crafting Table appear in the slot to the right.

All you need to do, is drag and drop the Crafting Table from that slot and place it into your inventory! This will consume the x4 Wood Planks you placed inside the 2×2 crafting grid. Note: Leaving the screen before dragging and dropping the crafting table into your inventory will not consume the Wood Planks or make a Crafting Table. Instead, the Wood Planks will return to your inventory.

Congratulations! You now have a functional Crafting Table. Place it wherever you would like! 

Cocoa Beans: This is a food ingredient that can be made to craft several neat things! Whether you want to make cookies or turn various household objects brown, this is your go-to crafting material! You can typically find Cocoa Beans within Jungle Biomes which you would obtain from Cocoa.

Obtaining Cocoa Beans from Cocoa Pods is not a difficult task! In fact, you can use virtually any tool to mine these Cocoa Pods for Cocoa Beans. However, it’s proven that Axes are the best tool for accomplishing this task, as they do it the fastest. It is completely random, whether you will obtain 2 or 3 Cocoa Beans from a fully grown Cocoa Pod — the odds behind this are still unknown. Note: Tools enchanted with “Fortune” will not increase the drop for Cocoa Beans.

You will naturally find Cocoa Pods on the trunks of normal-sized Jungle Trees in Jungle Biomes. However, you may place a Cocoa Bean beside a jungle log to plant a new Cocoa Pod. Note: The log does not need to be attached to a tree, they may be placed around individual blocks of Jungle Logs, Stripped Jungle Logs, Jungle Wood, and Stripped Jungle Wood.

You’ll see that Cocoa Pods have three stages in which they grow:

You can make a Cocoa Pod advance a single growth stage by using Bone Meal.

For optimal Cocoa Bean farming, Axes of Iron, Diamond, Netherite, and even Gold have the fastest breaking time.

Note: Cocoa Pods, will also “pop” if the log is removed, or if they are struck by flowing water, or pushed by a piston.

Alternatively, in Bedrock Edition, there is a 40 % you may obtain 1-2 Cocoa Beans from a chest within a Jungle Biome. There is also a 0.8% chance of getting Cocoa Beans when fishing within a Jungle Biome. Finally, you may obtain 3 Cocoa Beans for 1 Emerald from a Wandering Trader.

What can you do with Dye?

Any Edition:

Brown Carpet:

  • x8 White Carpet
  • x1 Brown Dye

White Carpet can be obtained by using Shears on a White Sheep to obtain White Wool and then crafted into White Carpet. White Carpet can also be obtained by taking a carpet of a different color and using Bleach on it with a Crafting Table. You may also obtain White Carpet by trading with Apprentice-level Shepherd Villagers, giving you x4 Carpets of the same color for x1 Emerald. There is roughly a 3 % chance to receive one of the 16 different colored carpets through these means, however. Finally, you may find White Carpet within Igloos, Woodland Mansions, Plains Villages, Desert Villages, Savanna Villages, and Taiga Villages.

Brown Concrete Powder: 

  • x4 Sand
  • x1 Brown Dye
  • x4 Gravel

Sand is a gravity-effected block that can be found in several parts of the Overworld, typically found near beaches, ponds, lakes, and rivers, with a large quantity found in Desert Biomes or the Ocean Floor. A Shovel is the fastest way to dig for Sand. You may also obtain Sand from Wandering Traders, who will sell you, x8 Sand, for x1 Emerald. Lastly, you can find Sand within Loot Chests inside of Desert Temples. There is a 59 % chance that you may get anywhere from 1 – 8 Sand from one of these Chests.

Gravel is a gravity-effected block that can be found clumped in disks around pools of water, rivers, and beaches, as well as Mountain Biomes. You may also find some underneath the water in the colder, Frozen Ocean Biomes. Other locations of Gravel feature the Nether and the Underwater Ruins. A Shovel is the fastest way to dig for Gravel. You may also obtain Gravel by Bartering with Piglins, who will give you anywhere from 8 – 16 Gravel for x1 Gold Ingot.

Brown Firework Star:

  • x1 Gunpowder
  • x1 Brown Dye
    and one of the following
  • x1 Head
  • x1 Gold Nugget
  • x1 Feather
  • x1 Fire Charge
  • x1 Glowstone Dust
  • x1 Diamond

Brown Shulker Box:

  • x1 Shulker Box
  • x1 Brown Dye

Brown Stained Glass:

  • x8 Glass
  • x1 Brown Dye

Brown Stained Glass Pane:

  • x8 Glass Pane
  • x1 Brown Dye

Brown Terracotta:

  • x8 Terracotta
  • x1 Brown Dye

Brown Banner Pattern:

  • x1 Brown Dye
  • x1 Banner

Brown Banner Image:

  • x1 Brown Dye
  • x1 Banner
    and one of the following
  • x1 Vines
  • x1 Bricks
  • x1 Creeper Head
  • x1 Wither Skeleton Skull
  • x1 Oxeye Daisy
  • x1 Enchanted Golden Apple

Bedrock Edition:

Brown Balloon:

  • x6 Latex
  • x1 Brown Dye
  • x1 Helium
  • x1 Lead

Brown Bed:

  • x1 Any Bed
  • x1 Brown Dye

Brown Glow Stick:

  • x7 Polyethylene
  • x1 Hydrogen Peroxide
  • x1 Brown Dye
  • x1 Luminol

Brown Wool:

  • x1 Any Wool
  • x1 Brown Dye

Brown Banner Image:

  • x1 White Banner
  • x1 Brown Dye
  • x1 Banner Pattern

Java Edition:

Brown Bed:

  • x1 White Bed
  • x1 Brown Dye

Brown Candle:

  • x1 Candle
  • x1 Brown Dye

Brown Wool:

  • x1 White Wool
  • x1 Brown Dye

Brown Banner Image:

  • x1 White Banner
  • x1 Brown Dye
  • x1 Banner Pattern

Brown Banner Pattern:

  • x1 White Banner
  • x1 Brown Dye

What are the other types of dyes you can make in Minecraft?

Besides brown dye, there are many other types of dyes you can make. If you’re looking to change the color of your leather armor, clay, wool, or glass, you can change them to any of the below listed colors.

You can also craft:

  • Magenta
  • Pink
  • Lime
  • Light grey
  • Dark grey
  • Red
  • Green
  • Lime
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Light blue
  • White
  • Black


Do you still have a few questions about making brown dye in Minecraft, but aren’t sure what the answer is? We’re here to break down your questions and dive into the answers. Let’s take a look:

Question: What is the rarest dye in Minecraft?

Answer: Both magenta and brown are the two rarest dyes you can find make in Minecraft. This is because you can only find the cocoa beans you need to make brown dye in Minecraft by trading or in a desert or jungle biome. 

As for magenta, the number of steps that are required for you to make this dye is why it’s also considered a rare dye in Minecraft. To make the magenta dye, there are sixteen different steps you have to complete.

Question: Are cocoa beans the only way to get brown dye?

Answer: Yes, cocoa beans are the only way you can make brown dye in Minecraft. Cocoa beans are the one required ingredient you need to craft brown dye.

Question: Can you find cocoa beans out of the jungle?

Answer: Yes, you can find cocoa beans out of the jungle in Minecraft. If you take some time to explore, you can find cocoa beans in any chest that you find in your world. Also, the villagers will trade cocoa beans to you in exchange for another item. 


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No matter what you’re looking to use the brown dye for in your world, making brown dye in Minecraft can be challenging. However, if you stay patient in your exploring, you’ll eventually run into cocoa beans growing on trees. Be sure to keep your eyes out while you’re exploring for chests, as you may always find chests that have cocoa beans in them. 

If you’re planning on going exploring in territories you haven’t been in, make sure to grab extra armor. That way, you don’t have to worry about losing the cocoa beans you’ve harvested because you’ve been attacked without any armor. 

Be sure to check out the rest of our blog for more Minecraft advice and tricks!

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