How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft: A New Best Trick!

From riding horses to getting transportation on tamed donkeys, saddles are a surprisingly valuable resource in Minecraft– and knowing how to make a saddle may just help you survive and defeat nefarious mobs.

Riding with a saddle, and knowing how to make one, comes at a time where Minecraft players really could use some virtual world exploration– I know I could. Following a year of social distancing, many players were disappointed with the announced shut down of Minecraft Earth for June 2021.

Minecraft Earth was conceptualized as a Pokemon-Go like experience, but by the start of the new year, all microtransactions have been terminated. While there may have been great anticipation for the new program when it was announced in 2019, real world exploration just hasn’t been a reality.

But if nothing, it’s shown Minecraft players are expansive and helpful. I