How To Set Up Version Profiles

By Bec Oakley

What's a version profile?

Every time Minecraft is updated it is released as a new version. You can still play the older versions though, and Minecraft lets you choose which version of the game you'd like to play in any given session. To do that, you first need to set up a different profile for each version in the Launcher.

Why do I need version profiles?

There are a few times when you might need to choose to play a different Minecraft version:

  • It can take a while for multiplayer servers to be updated after a Minecraft release, so you might want to play on the most recent update on single player but an older version for the multiplayer server
  • The mod you want to use is only compatible with an older version
  • Something changes in an update that your kids don't like and you want to go back to an older version

How do I set up a profile?

1.  Launch Minecraft

2.  In the Launcher, click on New Profile:


Add a name for the new profile, and select the version from the drop-down box. Click on Save Profile.


3.  Repeat to make a new profile for every version you might want to play with.

4.  Now each time you play you can choose the profile for the version you want before logging in.

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