How To Take Screenshots

By Bec Oakley

Taking a picture of your game is a fun way to document the cool things that you build and find in Minecraft. It's really easy to take the screenshots but a bit harder to find where they're stored, so this guide will walk you through it.

Taking screenshots

Pressing the F2 key (or Function + F2 for Mac) will take a picture of whatever is currently on the screen. If you don't want the HUD (Heads Up Display) in the shot - the health and hunger bars, experience, chat window and the player's hand - then press F1 first (or Function + F1) to remove it before you take the screenshot.


This shot is taken with the HUD onscreen.
Note the annoying crosshair in the middle of the beautiful sunset.


The same shot after pressing F1 to hide the HUD.
No more annoying crosshair, just beautiful sunset.

Pressing F11 (or Function + F11) will make it fullscreen, which makes for an even better shot. F5 will toggle between first and third person view, which is handy if you want your character skin to be in the shot. If you want to include your coordinates or the level you're currently at (which is really handy so you don't get lost, or when you find something cool and want to come back to it) then press F3 (or Function + F3) before taking the shot.

So to summarize:

F1 - Removes HUD
F2 - Takes the screenshot
F3 - Displays coordinates
F5 - Toggles between first and third person view
F11 - Fullscreen

After you take the screenshot, you'll get a confirmation message displayed on the screen (unless you've turned off the display with F1). This will stay on the screen for a little while, so if you're taking multiple shots it's a good idea to turn off the display so you don't include the message from the previous shot.

Finding your screenshots

The screenshot image file is named with the date and time it was taken, with a .png extension, and stored in a folder called screenshots in your .minecraft folder. That will be in a different place depending on which operating system you're using:

  • Windows 7 - C:\Users\user name\AppData\Roaming\
  • Windows Vista/XP - C:\Documents and Settings\user name\Application Data\
  • Mac OSX - ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/
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