Another List Of Cool Minecraft Mods

In an earlier post I ran through some popular mods to try out when you're getting started. A lot of you guys have been asking for more recommendations, so here you go! A pretty good mix of creative, useful and just plain ol' fun.

Important Safety Tip! As with any file downloaded from the internet, there is a chance that mods may contain viruses or malware. Always be extremely careful when downloading any mod file. Before you start, read through the Safety Tips For Downloading Mods and How To Spot Fake Or Misleading Download Links for more info about how to download safely.



This mod is like having your own woodworking workshop. It gives you lots of better ways to store items like books, potions, armor and tools. There are also desks and tables and chairs (that you can actually sit on), and a cookie jar! 

Another really handy item is the waypoint compass - set a location and the compass will always point you back to that spot. Very handy when you’re exploring and find something awesome or just want to find your way back home.

Animal Bikes

This one is really fun, it allows you to summon ridable animals and other creatures. Flying around on an Ender Dragon is pretty awesome.


A very useful mod that allows you to craft a special type of chest that will hold food - carry it with you and it’ll automatically feed you when you’re hungry.


I don’t know why this feature still hasn’t been added to regular Minecraft, but this mod lets you make a book of all the possible crafting recipes so you don’t have to pause the game to go and check how to make an item.

Dungeon Pack

Adds loads of cool dungeons to discover as you’re out and about exploring. Many spawn above ground and are easy to spot, with chests full of rare and useful items like saddles and horse armor.

Harder Peaceful

I’m one of those players who prefers Peaceful mode so I can get some building and exploring done without worrying about fighting off hostile mobs. But it can get a bit bland, so this mod adds back in some of the excitement - you need to eat to replenish your health and you can sustain damage.


This mod is really cute! It adds a bunch of new mobs to the ocean and water areas, like fish that actually swim and manta rays and turtles. There are even sharks and whales, and you can also get diving gear and fishing nets. Basically it makes the oceans a far more interesting place to hang out.

Still Hungry

Food can be fun to make but the options are pretty limited in vanilla Minecraft. This mod adds tons of new foods like hamburgers and pancakes, and a few crops including strawberries and rice. You can also make a cool stove and other neat things like barrels and lunchboxes.


Build your own spaceship and travel around the galaxy!

Enchanting Plus

This mod makes enchanting a whole lot easier by letting you control which enchantments you want on your item.

Glenn’s Gases

Not one for the faint-hearted, this clever mod makes mining in Survival a whole lot more realistic and dangerous. It adds a bunch of visible gases like steam, coal dust and nitrous gas which create various amounts of havoc and damage while you’re down in a cave digging for ore. Pretty neat.



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