Even More Minecraft Gift Ideas

By Bec Oakley

It's time for my annual Minecraft gift guide!

Each year I try to find new and interesting things to show you, but there are also loads of suggestions in the previous guides (The Really Big List of Minecraft Gift Ideas and More Minecraft Gift Ideas) so if you're looking for inspiration make sure to check those out as well.

So let's get started, here are my latest picks for the Minecraft fan in your family!

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Consoles & Game Bundles

If you're looking for a new console, Microsoft currently has an Xbox One S bundle that comes with Minecraft included.

Minecraft Story Mode is also now available as the complete adventure set:



Making Minecraft Videos

Kids not only love to watch videos of other people playing Minecraft, but also to record and publish their own gameplay and share it with others. There are a number of free software options, but if you want to move up a level than Movavi Screen Capture is a reasonably priced option that would make an excellent gift. In addition to gameplay, you can also record Skype calls, capture sound and screenshots, and make tutorials.



Gaming Equipment

One of the cool things about Minecraft is that it doesn't require much in the way of special equipment. But there are a few bits and pieces that can really make the experience a lot more enjoyable.

Gaming Keyboard

I didn't even know that they made special keyboards for gaming! These are great, especially for a game like Minecraft that's very keyboard-based. This one from AULA has cool back-lighting (great if you've ever tried to play in the dark) and a wristpad for leaning on, other have features like larger navigation keys.

Gaming Mouse

This is another thing that can make a big difference to gameplay, especially when you're in the middle of a zombie attack and need to move or click really quickly. Mice (Meese? Mouses?) that are made especially for gaming have features like additional buttons and smoother motion, and usually look really cool like this one from Redragon

Gaming Headset

If the Minecraft fans in your family play on multiplayer servers, they'd love a pair of headphones with mic attached so they can easily chat to other players (and having good quality sound really enhances the game experience). These ones come with built-in vibration motors to add a 4D experience!

Gaming Mousepad

This is another thing I never gave much thought to, but finding the right mousepad has a big impact on how quickly and easily you can move around in the game. You need one that allows the mouse to glide smoothly but also sticks firmly to the table, desk or whatever surface you're playing on, and that's what gaming mousepads are designed to do. They're not expensive (here's an example) and would be an ideal stocking stuffer.


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Build Your Own Minecraft Computer

I really love this idea, it's a kit for building your own mini computer that runs a modded version of Minecraft. It's called Piper, and it comes with a Raspberry Pi computer, screen, speaker, battery and SD card with a modified version of Minecraft that you play along with as you build the machine. Check out this video for more info, it's really neat.


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Minecraft Toys

This gold sword is a 2 in 1 because it also transforms into a pickaxe. And this bow is pretty cool, it actually fires the arrow up to 20 feet.

Hot Wheels have made a Ghast Attack Train Set that comes with a minecart and Pigman to ride in it. Or how about a remote control flying ghast? And I have friends who have really enjoyed playing the Minecraft Card Game with their family.

Lego have a released another bunch of their popular Minecraft sets, including:


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Cookie Cutters

The diamond sword is my favourite, and I love that these come in a container that looks like a Minecraft chest. You can find them on ThinkGeek for less than $10.


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Minecraft Exploded Builds: Medieval Fortress is a cool new book from Mojang that gives you all the schematics you need to build an enormous fortress with castle, village, dungeon, throne room and tons more. It's a fun project that families can do together, you can read my review here.

Learn To Program With Minecraft is a fun way for kids to learn how to program with Python.

I love how many Minecraft novels there are which have been written by kids. The quality can be a bit patchy though, but Diary of an 8-bit Warrior: Crafting Alliances is a popular one which gets good reviews.

There are also Minecraft audiobooks on offer, like the Diary of a Minecraft Zombie series. Even better is the Audible free trial offer, you get one month's subscription and two free downloads. It's a great offer, you can sign up for free here.



So there you go, I'm sure you'll find something there for every Minecraft fan. And if not, you might find what you're looking for in these articles:



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