Exploring other worlds

Heather wrote:

We are wondering how my child can explore other peoples' worlds? Are there ones you could suggest? We don't have anyone's worlds in mind and we've searched our network and there isn't anyone with a world to explore. We understand she might need to build a portal. She is used to making her own world on handheld devices only. She wants to look around other worlds, but she isn't used to defending herself. She likes it if I let her to watch youtube videos of other peoples' worlds.

Thank you for your time.  Sorry for all the rant.  I'm trying to help but I'm pretty awful at this.


Hi Heather!

To explore other people's worlds in Minecraft you have a couple of options.

She can join a multiplayer server where many players are playing at the same time in a single world (so she can see what other people are building and build things together with them). Some of these servers will be survival situations where she will be expected to defend herself, so you'll need to hunt around to find a family-friendly creative server.

You can also download worlds that users have created for other players to play in by themselves. These are called maps, and it's like taking a copy of someone else's world (where they've built things for you to see and do, or challenges to undertake) and then playing it by yourself on your computer. There are lots that you can download and play around in, you can try this website to find some (note that not all will be child friendly).

I hope this has helped, I know how difficult it can be to understand what's going on so please feel free to ask as many questions as you need :)


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