Uninstalling mods

Elise wrote:

Hi! My son wanted to install a new mod, but already has another mod installed.  is there a way to either uninstall the first mod, or make it inactive so he can play with the new mod?  They both appear to be compatible, but he only wants to play with the new mod.   

Thanks!  This whole Minecraft thing is a huge mystery to me!


Hi Elise

You don't need to uninstall a mod in the traditional sense, you just need to move or delete the files from the mods folder so that Minecraft can't see them. What we do is create a separate folder for mods that we're not currently using, and just move the mod files into that (so we can choose to use them again later if we want instead of having to go and find/download them again).

I hope that made sense, if not just write back and I'll explain more :)


Elise wrote:

Hi,  THANK YOU! That made perfect sense, and worked great!  Thank you so much for your response!  We looked all over the internet for an answer to this, and couldn't find it, so you don't know how much I appreciate your help :)

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