Uninstalling Minecraft

Andrea wrote:

Hi! I actually have two questions - the first one is, if a player is stuck in a Redstone Trap, how does he get out without breaking blocks?

Second question - how do i fully uninstall MC on a PC?  My sons command / key doesn't work neither does his chat... so I thought if I could delete and reinstall he'd have those features back.

Thank you for your help - we use minecraft for homeschool so any help is greatly appreciated!!


Hi Andrea!

Escaping a redstone trap without breaking blocks is usually next to impossible, but it depends on how it's been set up. One way to get out is to force a respawn (by typing /kill).

It's strange that just the command key isn't working, maybe the / key is sticky or stuck on his keyboard? If you want to reinstall Minecraft, here’s an article that will help.

Hope that works, if not then feel free to fire more questions at me. I love that you're using Minecraft for homeschool, we do too and use it a lot!


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