Praise for Stampy

Catherine wrote:

I wish I'd found your page about Youtube a year ago! Fortunately OH deals with all the tech aspects but youtube fell into my timezone.  I finally found Stampy and we love him. I did find a few others that seemed fine, right up until things went badly and they lost their cool and while they may not have resorted to swearing they blamed and sulked and generally behaved poorly. So the thing that sold me on Stampy is that he models really good attitude when he 'loses'. He laughs it off, and gets on with the game. He only ever reproaches himself, no blame, no performance, just accepts that losing is part of the game, you learn what not to do and try again.  I'm a huge fan.

Thanks for the site, it's a corker and I'll let several friends without in-home helpdesk service know you're out there.


Hi Cath!

A lot of people find Stampy annoying but I like the way he handles things too. You're right, he has a fun, positive attitude and there definitely needs to be more of that when it comes to people who make Minecraft videos.

Glad you found the site handy, thanks for saying hello!

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