Laptops vs desktops

Margaret wrote:

My boys (ages 8 and 9) have been playing minecraft with each other on my Ipad and iphone. They want minecraft PC edition for Christmas. We currently do not have a computer other than my Ipad. I have done research on the internet about the best computer to buy. I am not the computer type and I am overloaded with "computer talk" that I really do not understand. I would like to get two laptop computers so they can play together.I have read desk tops are better for this game but do not have the room.  Do you have a recommendation for a computer? Thanks.


Hi Margaret

I can understand how overloading all that computer talk can be, it's really hard to know where to start isn't it.

We play on both laptops and desktops in our house, and I haven't run into many problems with either. My son's laptop which is an older Macbook does tend to have the most performance issues, which means the game runs a bit slower or is a bit jumpy. The good thing about Minecraft is that there are a lot of settings you can play around with to compensate for computers with lower memory, so he just changed some of those settings and it runs fine. There's a MineMum article called Making The Game Run Faster to help with that, which you might want to read after you've bought one.

Here's a handy Minecraft Support page with some recommended requirements which you can use to compare against the computers that you're thinking of buying. These are more than the minimum requirements but will mean that you're much less likely to run into any problems when you play the game.

I hope that helps a little!

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