Recording Minecraft videos

Hannah wrote:

Hi MineMum,

Thank you, so much for this site and all the info!!!  And my kids are thankful I can help them with their game. My question: now my kids want to record as they play, so that they can make their own Minecraft videos, to post to youtube.  I am a Mac person, and am familiar with QuickTime and iMovie, but these don't work on their Windows OS PC's. Do you have any pointers on which software is good?  I have searched, and I get lost - much like when I was trying to figure out mods on my own.


Hi Hannah

We use both Macs and PCs to play Minecraft in our house. My kids love recording too, on the PC they use a program called Fraps and that seems to work reasonably well.

Just a heads up that running recording software while you're playing can really make the game lag a lot. If that happens, try fiddling with the settings in Minecraft like render distance. The tips in the article How To Make The Game Run Faster might help with that.


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