Missing mods menu option

Kim wrote:

Thanks for replying so quickly! I did install 1.7.10 and went through the steps listed on your website. Everything seems good until I click in the drop down user profile menu and click on Forge, then click play. Minecraft then launches, but I don't see 'mods' anywhere. Not sure where I have gone wrong! Thanks again for any assistance you can give.


Forge 1.7.10 is a bit buggy for some people. Here's what I'd suggest you could try:

  • Try an earlier version of Forge - delete the one you have and start over with a different version
  • Check the Forge user forum to see what others have tried
  • Forget about Forge altogether and install mods the original way (the second half of the installing mods article will tell you how)

The other thing to check if you’re not getting the Mods menu is that the mod you've downloaded is compatible with Forge (not all of them are), and is made for the version of Forge that you downloaded. It should tell you all of that where you downloaded the mod file. So if you've installed Forge 1.7.10, then any mod you want to play needs to be compatible with that version.

Good luck!

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