Finding safe mods

Jennifer wrote:

Hi! First, I want to thank you for all this information.  When my kids first started playing a couple of months ago, I felt a bit lost.  I have used your site extensively to learn about the game and to navigate the world of mods. So thank you for the time and effort you put into creating your site!

Second, my son would like a mod to explore space.  Could you recommend one that is safe?  Or maybe just provide some suggestions for safe places to search for one? Thanks!


Hi Jennifer

Thank you, I'm really glad you've found the site helpful! I don't personally use any mods that explore space, but that would be awesome and now I want to go find one. I know that Galacticraft is very popular, where you can make your own spaceship.

The site called MCF Modlist has a very extensive listing of mods that are available, sorted by Minecraft version. Many of the links go to the Minecraft Forum, which is usually a pretty safe place to find downloads. That's because if there was a virus or other issue you'd hear about it pretty quickly from other users.

Note that many of the links pass through an intermediate ad site called AdFly, sometimes those can be tailored to tempt you into clicking on things that look like download links. So just remember to click the 'Skip AdFly' link up in the top right hand corner, and double check that you're clicking on the actual download link before you click anywhere. And of course have good virus protection on your computer because at the end of the day, mods are just user-created content and can very easily end up with viruses or malware in them.

Good luck!
~ Bec

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