Parents don't like Hunger Games servers

Shana wrote:

Hi I'm only 12 and I was wondering how to tell my mom hunger games is safe. How can I get her to let me play it? I want to do youtubing so I kinda need to play games like that.


Hi Shana!

A lot of kids write to me to ask exactly that same kind of question, so you’re not alone. Every parent has their own set of rules for what they think is safe though, so it's a bit tricky to answer.

Have you asked your mum what her reasons are for not letting you play? It might help if you sit down together and show her some YouTube videos of other people playing it, so she can see exactly what's involved for herself and decide whether it seems okay for you to play.

You can also get her to read up on the MineMum site to learn a bit more about what Minecraft is all about, or she can email me to talk about it too.


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