New mods made Forge crash

Anthony wrote:

So I installed Forge and had everything working properly, until I just tried to load some new mods and everything has crashed. I have no idea what’s gone wrong?


My guess is that one of the mods you're trying isn't compatible with either Forge or the other mods (or the versions are clashing).

  • Remove the additional mods that you downloaded to restore it to the last point when it was working.
  • Run Minecraft again to check if it's working.
  • If so, add the mods one by one and test Minecraft each time.
  • When you hit the one that makes Minecraft stop working, delete that mod.

Not all mods are compatible with Forge, and many mods clash with each other. So you have to be careful which mods you have running at the same time or they'll crash Minecraft.

One of the ways I get around this is to have separate folders within the mods folder where I park the various mods. Basically anything that's in the /mods folder is currently being used by Minecraft, but if you create a subfolder off that (so say /mods/parked), you can put mods in there and they won't be currently accessed by Minecraft. Then when I want to play with a particular set of mods (that I've already ascertained are compatible with each other), I just move those mods out of the parked folder and into the regular mods folder.

The main thing to remember is that mods can clash with each other, so load them one at a time and test if Minecraft still runs.

Hope that makes sense!

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