Additional Minecraft accounts

Christine wrote:

Hi! Thanks for all the great info!  My daughter loves playing Minecraft and we have been enjoying playing together as a family using PE.  I just bought her the PC version and was wondering if we could all play together on the same world.  We all have individual laptops so we wouldn't be sharing a computer.  When researching before buying, I was under the impression that we could just get individual mojang accts and not have to each purchase the minecraft game.  Is this possible?  My daughter and I each have accts but when I log on it only gives me the option to play the demo but she can play the full version.  We only want to be able to play together, I do not want the option of playing online with other users. 

Thanks for any help you can offer!! Have a great day!


Hi Christine

Yes unfortunately you do have to each buy a game licence if you want to play together at the same time on different laptops. If you wanted to share a world but not play at the same time, or play at the same time but not together, then you could share a licence but for concurrent joint play you'll all need one.

Once you do that though it's very easy to share a world, one player logs in and then selects 'Open to LAN' and everyone else in the house will then see the world listed under their Multiplayer server options.


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