Minecraft Item Guide

A friend asked me to make this, so here's a list of almost everything that you can make or find in the game, where to get it from and why you might need it. Enjoy!

Note: These locations are for the computer version, but most of these will be the same for the Pocket Edition and consoles.

Anvil By crafting iron blocks and ingots Repairing tools and armor, and enchanting items
Apple By chopping oak tree leaves, trading with villagers or inside chests in villages or strongholds Food and making golden apples
Bats In caverns and large underground spaces Locating caves
Bed By crafting wood planks and wool Decoration, sleeping and setting a new spawn point
Beef By killing a cow Food (when cooked)
Blaze Rod Killing a Blaze Fuel, making brewing stands and finding strongholds
Boat By crafting wood planks Transportation
Bone Meal By crafting bones Making dyes and fertilizing crops
Bones By killing a skeleton or in temple chests Taming wolves and making bone meal
Book By crafting paper and leather or inside stronghold chests Making bookshelves and enchantment tables
Bowl By crafting wood planks Holding mushroom stew
Bread By crafting wheat Food
Brewing Stand By crafting a blaze rod and cobblestone Making potions
Bricks By crafting clay Building
Brown Mushroom Dark caves and shady places, mostly in swamp or mushroom biomes or the Nether Making mushroom stew
Bucket By crafting iron or in dungeon chests Holding water, lava or milk
Cactus In desert biomes Protection and making dye
Cake By crafting milk, sugar, egg and wheat Food
Carpets By crafting wool blocks Decoration
Cats/Ocelots Jungle biomes Pets and protection against Creepers
Charcoal By smelting wood Fuel, torches and powering minecarts
Chickens By throwing eggs or breeding, or wandering around Feathers, eggs and raw chicken
Clay By mining clay blocks found in shallow water Making bricks and flower pots
Clock By crafting gold and redstone Showing the time inside the game
Coal By mining coal ore, found at any layer where there is stone (can also be dropped by a Wither Skeleton when it dies) Fuel, torches and powering minecarts
Cocoa Beans From cocoa pods found on jungle trees Making cookies and dye
Compass By crafting iron and redstone Locating the spawn point and making blank maps
Cookie By crafting wheat and cocoa beans Food
Cows Any biome Leather, raw beef and milk
Diamonds By mining diamond ore, found on the lowest 16 layers (but mostly 8-12) Making tools and armor
Donkeys In plains biome Pets and transportation (can carry stuff too)
Dungeons Underground near caves, ravines or abandoned mine shafts Contain mob spawners and chests with treasure like saddles, food or gunpowder
Eggs By collecting from chickens Spawning chickens or making cakes and pumpkin pie
Emerald In desert or jungle temples, mining emerald ore (in Extreme Hills biomes) or trading with villagers Trading with villagers and powering a beacon
End Portal In strongholds Traveling to The End
Ender Pearl By killing an Enderman Teleporting and escaping difficult locations, crafting Eyes of Ender
Eye of Ender By crafting blaze powder and an ender pearl, or trading with villagers Locating and activating End Portals
Feather By killing a chicken Making arrows, quills and fireworks
Fish In any water by using a fishing rod Food and trading with villagers (when cooked)
Fishing Rod By crafting sticks and string Fishing and riding a pig
Flower Pot By crafting bricks or found in witches huts Holding trees and flowers
Flowers On grass blocks Decoration and dyes
Ghast Tear By killing a Ghast Making potions
Glass By smelting sand or trading with villagers Building, decoration and making glass bottles
Glass Bottle By crafting glass Making water bottles and holding brewed potions
Glowstone In the Nether on the underside of Netherrack or trading with villagers Lighting (especially underwater)
Gold By mining and smelting gold ore, found in the bottom 32 layers (sometimes also found in the chests inside temples, strongholds, villages and abandoned mine shafts) Making clocks, powered rails, armor and tools
Golden Apple By crafting gold and apples, sometimes found in dungeon/stronghold chests Food, regeneration, curing zombie villagers and breeding horses
Gunpowder In dungeon chests or by killing creepers, ghasts and witches Making TNT, potions, fire charges and fireworks
Horses In plains biome Pets and transportation
Ice In snowy biomes Sliding things, water source and shelter
Ink Sac By killing a squid Making dye
Iron By mining and smelting iron ore For building and making armor, buckets, shears, compasses and tools
Item Frame By crafting sticks and leather Labeling and displaying or storing items, maps and clocks
Jack O Lantern By crafting a pumpkin and a torch Lighting
Jukebox By crafting wood planks and diamond Playing music discs
Lapis Lazuli From mining lapis lazuli ore, mostly at layers 13-16 For making blue dye
Lead By crafting from string and a slimeball Leading and restraining mobs
Leather By killing a cow or horse Making leather, books, armor and item frames
Lily Pad On the water in swamp biomes Making paths over water
Magma Cream By crafting blaze powder and slimeballs or killing a Magma Cube Making potions
Map By crafting sugar cane and a compass Navigation
Melon By destroying melon blocks grown from melon seeds, which can be found in abandoned mineshaft chests or by trading with villagers Food
Milk By milking cows or mooshrooms with a bucket Curing poison and making cakes
Mine shafts Underground Contain rails, wood, cobwebs and torches, as well as a minecart and a chest which can contain rare items like diamonds and melon seeds
Minecarts By crafting iron or in abandoned mine shafts Transportation
Mob Spawner In dungeons, abandoned mineshafts, strongholds and Nether fortresses Spawning/farming hostile mobs
Mooshroom In mushroom biomes Harvesting red mushrooms, leather, beef, milk and mushroom stew
Mules By breeding a horse and a donkey Pets and transportation (can carry stuff too)
Mushroom Stew By milking a mooshroom or by crafting a red and brown mushroom over a bowl Food
Music Disc In dungeon chests and when a creeper is killed by a skeleton Playing music in a jukebox
Nether Brick In Nether fortresses or crafted from Netherrack Building, shelter and protection from fire
Nether Star By killing a Wither Making beacons
Nether Wart In the Nether (in fortresses or on soul sand) Making awkward potion
Netherrack By mining in the Nether Lighting, fireplaces, traps and protection
Note Block By crafting wood planks and redstone Making music
Obsidian By mining where water flows over lava, or in The End Blast protection, making Nether portals, beacon blocks, ender chests and enchantment tables
Packed Ice By harvesting in the Ice Plains Spikes biome (with enchanted tools) Decoration and for use around light sources that usually melt ice
Painting By crafting sticks and wool Decoration and protection of flammable blocks
Paper By crafting from sugar cane or found in stronghold chests Making maps and books
Pigs In any biome Food and transportation
Piston By crafting wood planks, cobblestone, iron and redstone Pushing blocks, making machines and automating farming
Podzol By harvesting from the Mega Taiga biome (using enchanted tools) Growing giant mushrooms
Porkchop By killing a pig Food
Potato By harvesting crops or in villages Food
Pumpkin Mostly in plains and mountain biomes Making pumpkin pie, helmets, Jack O Lanterns and iron/snow golems
Pumpkin Pie By crafting pumpkin, egg and sugar Food
Red Mushroom By shearing a mooshroom or in dark caves and shady places, mostly in swamp or mushroom biomes or the Nether Making mushroom stew and fermented spider eye
Red Sand In the Mesa biome Same properties as regular sand but can't be turned into sandstone
Redstone By mining or smelting redstone ore with an iron pickaxe or better, trading with villagers or killing witches To make potions, circuitry, redstone torches, clocks, compasses, note blocks, powered rails, dispensers, pistons, redstone lamps and droppers
Saddle In chests found in Nether fortresses, dungeons or desert/jungle temples or trading with villagers Riding pigs and horses
Sandstone In desert or beach biomes, or crafted from sand Building
Seeds By destroying grass or harvesting wheat Growing wheat and attracting/breeding chickens
Sheep In any biome Wool
Slimeballs By killing a Slime Making magma cream, leads and sticky pistons
Snowballs By destroying snow with a shovel, TNT or creeper explosion Protection and fun
Soul Sand Near lava in the Nether Slowing things down, making traps, growing Nether wart
Squids In water Ink sacs for black dye
Stained Glass By crafting glass and dye Decoration
Stick By crafting wood planks or killing a witch Making tools, torches, arrows, signs, rails, fences, ladders and weapons
Sticky Piston By crafting pistons and slimeballs Pushing and pulling blocks, making machines and automating farming
Stronghold Underground, often near caves, ravines or abandoned mine shafts (very hard to find but can be located with Eyes of Ender) Location of End Portals and Silverfish spawners
Sugar By crafting sugar cane Making potions, fermented spider eye, cake and pumpkin pie
Sugar Cane Near water Making sugar and paper
TNT In desert temples or crafted from gunpowder and sand Demolition and traps
Village In plains and desert biomes Trading with villagers and finding crops
Vines In swamp or jungle biomes Decoration, protection and climbing
Water Bottle By filling a glass bottle with water Making potions
Wheat By farming grass seeds or inside dungeon chests Breeding (cows and sheep) and making food (bread, cakes and cookies)
Wolves/Dogs In forest or taiga biomes Pets and protection
Wool From sheep, made from string, in desert temples or found on top of lamp posts in villages Building, color coding, trading with villagers and making carpet, paintings and beds