The Really Big List Of Minecraft Gift Ideas

By Bec Oakley

If you’re looking for gifts for a Minecraft fan (big or small), you're in luck because there's lots of neat stuff out there... you just need to know where to look. And sometimes that can be a bit overwhelming, right?

So to help you out I’ve compiled a bunch of ideas into this one handy list. I've tried to find things that will suit a wide range of ages, interests and budgets so hopefully there'll be something here that's just right for the person you're buying for.

So without further ado, let’s go gift hunting!




What better present for a Minecraft fan than the game itself?






It was the coolest thing ever when the Lego and Minecraft worlds collided! Since then they’ve expanded the number of sets available, here are the current ones in increasing order of spendy-ness.

The Cave
This is the smallest set, and comes with some cool stuff like a zombie and a cave spider.

The micro world sets - The Forest, The Nether, The End and The Village
These are also small sets, with tiny little minifigs. The Nether is particularly cool because it comes with a portal, ghasts and a zombie pigman.

The Farm and The First Night
Medium sized sets with Steve and animal minifigs.

Crafting Box (pictured above)
Assorted Minecraft-related building pieces to create one of the eight suggested builds, add on to other sets or freestyle your own.

Ender Dragon set
Really cool! Comes with neat stuff like Endermen, obsidian and weapons.

The Mine
The biggest Minecraft set to date, comes with a minecart track and pretend explosion.





Who wouldn't want to cuddle a creeper or snuggle up to an Enderman? Sure the baby mooshroom is adorable but there's an Ender Dragon, people! Also check out the bat and this creeper that makes a hissing noise. So much soft and plushy awesome.




You can find posable characters by themselves (like Diamond Steve) or in an activity set (like the survival pack). The animals pack pictured above is really cute too, but my favourite is the collectible pack with a wolf, Enderman and snow golem.





Although some would consider them tools of the trade rather than toys, foam swords and pickaxes are really popular and relatively inexpensive (around US$20 each).





Mojang (the makers of Minecraft) have published a series of four official guides which you can buy individually or as a box set. I have these handy-sized books at home, and they’re not only a really great introduction to the game for new players but full of great ideas to inspire the not-so-noobs. Every player should have these!

Then there's the Minecraft encyclopedia, called (naturally) Blockopedia. It’s shaped like a 3D block which is pretty awesome! It’s very comprehensive and covers just about everything you could want to know about the game. Definitely something that all fans would love to have on their bookshelf. Check out my review for more details.

And lastly a book about Notch (the developer of the game) and the history behind Minecraft. I haven’t read this one but it’s popular and sure looks interesting. There’s an audio book version on Audible too.





It’s important to stay warm while you're exploring those caves! How about a zip-up Creeper hoodie (freaky but popular), or maybe a beanie for exploring those snowy biomes. And keep those pants up with a pickaxe belt!

Got a future Minecraft fan in the making? These baby creeper onesies are pretty darn adorable. Think Geek has a good range of other Minecraft tees, with neat stuff like creeper anatomy.





These sets of foldable paper Minecraft blocks are a little pricey but seem popular. They're basically the game in bendy paper form.

You can find Minecraft sticker sets on Amazon, they make great stocking stuffers.

How about a cobblestone block of sticky notes for the home or office?

These block sheet magnets look great on the fridge (we have two sets on ours).




Wall decoration is a must-have for the bedroom of any serious Minecraft fan. This creeper window pictured above is particularly cool because it’s something that you can find in the game. Vinyl wall decals are also awesome (and not permanent), although they are pretty spendy.

Kids might be more tempted to turn off the computer and head to bed if they've got a glowing diamond night light to keep them company, or a Minecraft torch attached to their wall.


For budding gamer chefs there's creeper and pickaxe cookie cutters.






There are official Minecraft licensed 'diamond' necklaces and earrings, but this pickaxe keychain is full of blingy awesome (and if you're looking for something a bit more unique and personal then check Etsy for lots of handmade Minecraft goodies).





Your giftee will need somewhere to keep all their loot! This creeper bag would be particularly great for younger schoolkids. Add some personalization with a couple of Minecraft bag charms.

Phone cases & computer accessories
There are tons of different places to find cheap phone cases with Minecraft designs, from grass blocks to Creepers to Endermen. This creeper face one at Amazon is a bargain! 



The music played in Minecraft is by C418 and is available to download from iTunes.



If someone you know is keen to make their own mods, they will need to learn how to code using a language called Java. I've heard good things about the book Learn To Program With Minecraft Plugins and Digital Media Academy run summer camps that teach kids how to make mods in Java. Youth Digital have a mod design course, but at $250 it’s not cheap (although you can get it through Amazon for $225 at the moment).

And if they're interested in setting up and running their own server, Udemy offers an online course called Learn How To Make a Minecraft Server that might be worth checking out.



Phew that's a lot of stuff, hopefully there's something here that your Minecraft fan will love. Psst... check out all the new and awesome finds in More Minecraft Gift Ideas!


This page may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on that link. It doesn't cost you any extra, so if you're planning on doing some shopping anyway and you've found the resources here on MineMum helpful, then it's a nice little way to say thanks (and I really appreciate it)!



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