How To Enable & Use Cheats

By Bec Oakley

What is a cheat?

A cheat is an instruction which modifies the game code in some way, usually to make it easier or to give you stuff that is difficult to get in the normal game (e.g. to render your tools unbreakable or to make sure that you keep all your stuff when you die).

While the use of cheats is sometimes banned on multiplayer servers, it's fine to use them in your single player and LAN games (and can often help make the game a little easier for kids who are finding it frustrating or overwhelming).

How do I turn cheats on?

First you need to change the settings for the world to enable cheats to be used:

  • If you've already created the world, open the world to LAN and access the Allow Cheats setting on the LAN World screen
  • If you're creating a new world, select More World Options and click on Allow Cheats to toggle between the ON and OFF settings

How do I use cheats?

Cheats are really easy to use. When you're playing a game, just press T and then type the code for the cheat into the window that pops up (it's the same one that's used for chat messages). You'll get a message if the cheat has been successfully applied (otherwise you'll get an error message to say the game doesn't understand what you're trying to do).

Which cheats will I need?

Here are some of the most useful commands and cheats you might want to use:

Player Messages and Movement

/me <action>
Sends a message to other players with your player name in it (replacing the 'me')
e.g.  /me nearly fell into lava!

/tell <playername><message>
Sends a private message to a particular player
e.g.  /tell CraftyBoy I know where we can get diamonds

Sets the spawn for the current player to their current position

/tp [playername]<destination>
Allows a player to teleport to another place, either another player (where the destination is the player's name) or a place (where the destination is the x,y,z coordinates).
e.g.  /tp CraftyBoy... will teleport the current player to wherever CraftyBoy is

Game Settings

/difficulty <peaceful/easy/normal/hard>
Changes the difficulty level of the game without needing to go out to the options menu
e.g.  /difficulty normal

/gamemode <survival/creative>[playername]
Changes the mode of the game without needing to go out to the options menu. If you add a player name it will change the mode for just that player (e.g. if your youngest is getting spooked by monsters while exploring caves)
e.g.  /gamemode creative CraftyBoy

Shows the code representing the seed for the current world.

Weather and Time

/time set <day/night>
Sets the time within the game. Useful for avoiding nights.
e.g.  /time set day

Turns rain and snow on/off.

/weather <clear/rain/thunder> [seconds]
Changes the weather for a specified amount of time.
e.g.  /weather rain 30... will make it rain for thirty seconds

Game Rules

To apply these rules, add "true" after the name of the rule. To turn them off again, add "false".
e.g.  /gamerule doMobSpawning true... will turn this rule on.

/gamerule doMobSpawning <true/false>
Stops mobs from spawning naturally. This will apply to both passive (animals and villagers) and hostile (bad guys) mobs.

/gamerule keepInventory <true/false>
Lets players keep all of the items in their inventory when they die

/gamerule mobGriefing <true/false>
Stops hostile mobs from being able to change blocks or pick up items

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