How To Turn The Chat Feature Off

By Bec Oakley

What is the chat feature?

On multiplayer games, players can 'talk' to each other by typing short messages which pop up on the screen.

Why would I need to turn it off?

Sometimes playing on a multiplayer server can be overwhelming for kids, if there is a lot of chatter going on or people saying inappropriate things. In these cases you might want to turn off the chat feature, or set it to just show the commands that the player types in.

How do I turn it off?

1.  Click on Options

2.  Select the Multiplayer Settings


3.  Click on Chat to toggle the settings between Shown, Hidden and Commands Only. Be aware that Hidden will affect the command line too, so you won't be able to enter cheats when it's set to that mode. The settings apply to all worlds so don't forget to change them back again when you want to play single player.


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