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Minecraft Christmas Ideas

11 December, 2014

Looking for some fun Christmas activities and crafts to keep the kids busy over the next couple of weeks? I found these today...

1.  Minecraft Ore-Naments from The Graffical Muse
Free printables for making your own emerald or diamond ornaments

2.  Minecraft Paper Snowflakes from Instructables
Cut out your own creeper or tool snowflakes

3.  Minecraft Snow Globe from STL Motherhood
This site has a bunch of other cool Minecraft paper crafts too

4.  ChristmasCraft mod from Newt_head at Minecraft Forum
Haven't tried this one yet but it looks fun, with iceskates and presents and decorated Christmas trees

Happy Holidays!

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Quick Tip: Mod and Forge Versions

10 December, 2014

Somebody was asking me this week about version numbers and it reminded me to share this quick tip with you guys...

Some mods have their own version number that is separate to the version number of Minecraft with which it's compatible. So the mod might be made to run with Minecraft 1.7.2, but the version of the mod is 1.6.5. This can be really confusing, especially if you're new to all this mod stuff.

Taking the popular mod Oceancraft as an example, you can see in this screenshot from the Minecraft Forum that the current version of the mod is 1.4.1 which is compatible with Minecraft version 1.7.10. This one is clearly spelled out and easy to understand, but they're not all that well worded.


Likewise, the Forge version number is separate to the version of Minecraft with which it's compatible. Also there is usually more than one version of Forge for each version of Minecraft. You can see from this screenshot that there are two versions of Forge for Minecraft 1.7.10, the latest version being


So what does any of this mean? Well it's just something to keep an eye out for if you're having trouble loading or running mods. Knowing where to look for the version number of the mod or Forge will help you get the right one, and find the right answers when you're troubleshooting the problem.

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MineMum Facebook Page

8 December, 2014

I finally succumbed and created a Facebook page for MineMum. So for all of you who were asking where my Facebook page is... it's here!

It's brand new and sitting there looking a little lonely. So if you want to get updates on Minecrafty stuff and new articles or giveaways, head on over and show it some love.

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Blockopedia Giveaway

4 December, 2014

Today marks the launch of a cool new Minecraft encyclopedia, called Blockopedia. It's a fun book packed with information and tips about all the blocks and items that you'll find in the game.

I've got three copies to give away to readers, check out my Blockopedia review for more details. Hurry, entries close December 11!

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Welcome To The Blog

2 December, 2014

Hey there, guys! I thought the site could use a place to pop quick tips and announcements, so welcome to the new blog section.

So I've got a lot of new tips and articles to add to MineMum over coming weeks. If you want to stay up to date with new stuff, click on the subscribe link down the bottom of the page or head on over to the new Minemum Facebook page.

And don't forget if you need help with something Minecrafty, you can always holler at me on Twitter @becoakley or send me a message with the contact form.

~ Bec

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