Pumpkins, Llamas and Add-Ons

28 October 2016

Happy almost-Halloween everyone!

Minecraft is a perfect game for this time of year, there are pumpkins and spider webs and spooky things galore. You could even go trick or treating with the villagers, although I'm not sure you'd reap much candy.

Mojang have just released a Spooky Bundle for the console edition, which has the Halloween Battle Map, texture pack and skin pack. It looks pretty awesome, check out the trailer above (available in the usual console stores for around USD$6.99).


Or if you're looking for a fun offline activity, try weaving a paper Minecraft pumpkin. It's fun, cheap and easy!

1.11 Update - Llamas!


It looks like the 1.11 update will be landing soon. It brings a bunch of fun new stuff, like a Woodland Mansion with a new type of Villager and a little flying mob called a Vex. But also, llamas! And they spit! Check out the full list of additions.



If you play on Pocket Edition or Windows 10, check out the new Add-Ons feature which allows you to modify the game without needing to use mods. Now you can have access to the image and text files that control the way mobs look and behave (blocks and items will be added later). There's a dedicated Add-Ons page with more info and videos of some pretty cool examples.

I haven't checked them out yet because I don't play PE much, but I love the idea of being able to more easily change up the game. So many people struggle to install mods, hopefully this is going to make all of that a lot more fun and open it up beyond the realm of just the computer version. Plus unlike mods, Add-Ons are officially supported by Mojang.

Have fun!
~ Bec

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