Blockopedia Giveaway Winners!

13 December, 2014

Thanks to everyone who entered the Blockopedia giveaway, I've had a great time looking through all the cool creations you guys sent in. Let me show you some of them!

Crocheted Creeper by Kate
"I love crochet and one of the best parts of my craft is making things my kids love."



Sailing Ship and Plane by Peter & Charlie
"This is in a survival PE world we have all been contributing to, as a family."



Ultra-Sword Kirby by Charlotte
"This is Ultra-sword Kirby from Kirby's Return to Dreamland."



Lava Cake by Rebecca
"The children delighted in sinking Steve into the lava and mining for chocolate."



The Titanic by Kyan
"The interior has a staircase like the one in the ship"



The Godzilla Skeleton by Nathan
"It has insane defence and insane knock back on its bow + insane damage."



Timed Piston Door by Octavio
"When you press the button the door opens then diamond blocks spring up, making players not able to press the button in a changeable amount of seconds."



Mother's Day Surprise by Vanessa, Xander and Ethan
"It was a giant monument with a moat full of lily pads and a row of cakes, and a large crowd of tamed dogs and cats sitting patiently in the flower garden below."



Creeper Costume by Rachel
"We made these ourselves...with lots of cutting, glue and laminating!"



After much deliberation, the winning entries are:

  • Kate for her crocheted creeper
  • Rebecca for her lava cake
  • Vanessa, Xander and Ethan for their Mother's Day surprise monument

Congratulations everyone! You each win a copy of Minecraft Blockopedia, so check your email for details.

And I also have to say a hearty 'well done' to all the other honourable mentions.

Nice job, everyone!


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