Review - Minecraft Blockopedia

By Bec Oakley

What is it?

Blockopedia is the new official reference guide for all the different blocks (and many items) that can be used in Minecraft.

What's it like?

Inside you'll find plenty of detailed information about every type of block - what it's used for, how much light it gives off, whether it's flammable, how much blast it can withstand and a bunch of other interesting statistics and trivia.

But one of the best things about Blockopedia is that it's also a really great looking book. Each double page spread is full of illustrations, and not only that... the book is shaped like a hexagonal 3D block! That's pretty awesome right there.

It also comes in a nice black box which is handy for gift-giving (hexagons would be hard to wrap).


Is it worth buying?

After my initial 'yay-a-hexagonal-book' excitement died down, the first thing that crossed my mind was 'how up to date is it', because any print edition of a book about a video game is naturally going to age pretty quickly. So I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was current up to the latest release (version 1.8).

The guide is very thorough, giving just enough detail to make it a handy reference without making it overwhelmingly huge to carry around. Although you can get most of the same information in the Minecraft Wiki, there's definitely something nice about having a hard copy to flick through. Plus the design is excellent and makes a really cool collectible for fans.

An index would have been a useful feature though, to help readers find the page they want more easily. But the contents page is well laid out and easy enough to use.

At 312 pages, Minecraft Blockopedia is good value. Beginners will love using it as a reference tool, more experienced players will love having it as a keepsake. So yes, I think it's definitely worth buying either for yourself or as a gift for someone you know who loves Minecraft.


Where do you get it?

Blockopedia is available from today. The best deals at the moment seem to be through Amazon or Book Depository (who offer free shipping worldwide).

UPDATE: Readers in the US tell me that Amazon won't have any in stock until February (yikes!) so definitely try Book Depository, I've always found them to be good and they have free shipping.



I've got three copies of Blockopedia to give away to lucky MineMum readers. For a chance to win, send me a photo or screenshot of a cool Minecraft creation that you or your kids have made (either inside or outside of the game). Enter by December 11.

Congratulations to Kate, Rebecca, and Vanessa, Xander & Ethan for their winning entries! Check out the blog to see them and more of the fantastic creations.



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I was given a copy of Blockopedia to review, but the opinions are my own.

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